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San Felipe: An Open Door To Pristine Baja East Coast

Untamed territories used to abound down south of San Felipe. Today’s Baja East Coast is being equipped with the proper infrastructure but still offers its magnificent biodiversity and the ever multicolored presence of the Golfo de California, also called mar de Cortés. Unique and real and quiet. A rarity in this world awaits for you. Cross through the San Felipe’s arched doors and start discovering The Baja East Coast.



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Gonzaga: One of San Felipe’s Quiet Retreats to the South

Many visitors come to San Felipe to escape the hectic pace of life north of the border. But as many who live in San Felipe know, even everyday life in this relaxed village by the Sea can start feeling a bit busy. So what to do when you’re feeling like getting away for a bit? Take a trip down to Gonzaga Bay! Just 3 hours south of San Felipe, Bahía de Gonzaga can be visited as a day trip, but the best experience is to go overnight, or for several days, to unwind and absorb the calm. Start planning your visit today!


The new highway couldn’t make it easier and safer for you to arrive to San Felipe after such a short drive while enjoying the most dramatic desert scenery. Abundant sports fishing and adventures await you. Gear up and come unwind and release the city havoc stress. Embrace the San Felipe Summer Time in 2014.

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Solar Energy Solutions In San Felipe

Solar Energy Solutions In San Felipe

For the past 6 years, Baja Battery Solutions has been a local business that has dedicated itself to providing alternative energy solutions to San Felipe and the Baja. For a place as sunny as San Felipe, solar energy production can be a great way to generate power. The two types of solar services you’ll...


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