Amazing Emerging Vacation Destination

San Felipe is an amazing emerging vacation destination located on the east coast of Baja California. Yes is true, it has its issues; and such thing is true for most of the world nowadays; BUT what you get from coming and investing down here, is something NO other destination can offer you. We are unique NOW and we are a potential outstanding destination for the future. This is your place to scout this season. Reserve a great spot >>  Invest in San Felipe TODAY >>

April 2015 Featured Events in San Felipe:

Sunday 29 Easter Week – Semana Santa – Sunday April 5

Saturday 4 – 1st José Cuervo Margarita FESTIVAL @ “San Felipe’s Margarita House” 4:00 PM $10 dollars a ticket. Includes 3 tastings: Island Coconut, Crazy Mexican and Cucumber Cuervo + T- Shirt. View all details here>>

Saturday 4 – 2015 SOUTH CAMPOS 18th Annual Poker Run. South of San Felipe on Km 35.5. 10 am line up. See all details here >>

Thursday 10 – Saturday 11 Las Caras de México, San Felipe “Shot Gun Scramble” Golf Tournament. Contact for info and more: Mex cell (686) 225 0707, US (626) 399 1952. See all details here >>

Friday 10 “Festival del Tequila y El MARIACHI 2015 – San Felipe”

Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 – Salsa en la Playa 2015 – All night long party. Check out the details here >>

Check our listed San Felipe events and make sure you don’t miss anything >>


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Easter Week Security Program:

Authorities of the 3 levels of government including the army and the navy have set up their plan to handle the possible huge influx of visitors coming to and through San Felipe during Easter Week – Semana Santa. The program called Operativo San Felipe Seguro is aimed to mitigate crime and emergency situations. The organism in charge of all the beaches is Profepa and can be reached at 568 92 66. Please keep our Emergency Phone numbers handy by visiting this page >>

High tide conditions during Easter week make it specially important for you to take all precautions to avoid any casualties. Please remember that in order to avoid chaos:

“ALL beaches should stay clear from any kind of motorized vehicle during Easter week” – March 29 – April 5. Keep our Emergency Phone numbers handy by visiting this page >>