January in San Felipe

Get a Workout
There are several good gyms in San Felipe and you can buy a monthly membership or just have a single visit for a few dollars to help eliminate those kilograms that you put on at Christmas.
Spartans is about 100 meters north of La Vaquita Restaurant on Av Puerto Penasco
The Desert Mayhem Race is coming
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December in San Felipe, Baja California

Come on down to enjoy a relaxed holiday in San Felipe. This is the quiet time of the year and it is the ideal place to escape from the frigid conditions and bomb cyclones in Canada and the Northern USA. Our daytime temperatures along the beach are in the 65-75 F (18-24 C) range. At night it goes down to the mid-50’s ((12 C) so bring a sweater and warm shoes (Uggs good!) to walk along the Malecon after dinner.


If you happen to be a guest at the Marina Resort, you can drive your Tesla down from San Diego and charge it here (two stations – EV/Tesla plug). If you are not staying at the hotel, please check with the front desk first to ensure you do not take someone else’s reservation !


December in San Felipe, Baja California

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Coming in February…

A series of passes of the International Space Station over San Felipe will occur between 11- 13 February just after sunset. This is a wonderful sight to see if you have never observed a big satellite go overhead. We have clear and dark skies for you astronomy buffs. Bring your smartphones and download a good sky-view app to follow the action in the heavens. Jim (of pizzamanagement.com) reminds me that these satellites disappear very quickly after a few margaritas!!)