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A Youth Orchestra Is Planned for San Felipe

This summer promises to be another season of getting the most out of places to stay cool.

There is no compromise with weather conditions in San Felipe for July and August. It will be HOT…it will be HUMID. But this year the summer will be alive with cultural and art experiences available to everyone.

Recently I was introduced to a marvelously talented family that will be providing six weeks of art and music at the Cultural Center next to the municipal pool. It is an understatement to say that this is a great opportunity for our community.

Sergio Vela Castro will be teaching guitar to students in a collaborative effort to begin a student orchestra here in San Felipe.

There are donated musical instruments waiting to be held by our young musicians. This is the beginning process of a monumental undertaking for cultural diversity in our city. The lessons are free.

I dropped in on one of the first classes. Mr. Castro is a successful musician with the vital energy needed to inspire the young to play guitar. By the time I left the children were playing chords together in a beautiful meticulous rhythm. Yes… success already!

This is a great summer activity that will challenge and define our future musicians. Instruments are provided and the free class will last for six weeks!

Just imagine these delighted children someday playing in an orchestra! What a great way for them to spend summer days… learning musical skills with their friends…in air conditioning. Sounds perfect to me!

Centavo’s Wise Words: Keep the beat!

A Masterpiece of Life

Poetry by Marsha Newman

A poem inspired by the San Felipe sunrises.

Once again the sun sets the Sea of Cortez on fire. Magnificent hues of reds and golds scatter across the blue waters.

How blessed are we, who rise to the morning’s dew. Tomorrow may bring the glistening of raindrops dancing on the waves.

How blessed are we who capture the rainbows and hear the song of three little birds. Such simple gifts of nature go unseen, unheard, unappreciated.

Yet, for those eyes who capture the wonders which surround us daily, each day is a miracle, a new canvas, a masterpiece of life.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.56.55 PM

You can read more of Marsha’s beautiful poetry in her new book, Still Blooming! Buy it HERE!

Baja Race Team Proud Sponsors

Starting in Baja 1000 / November 12- 16 2014

We are happy to announce we are now Baja Race Team proud sponsors. Representing San Felipe November 12 – 16 on the famous Baja 1000, the team is in the last stages of their preparations to mobilize to Ensenada for contingency and inspection and set up for action on the 13th. See Baja 1000 course map here >>


Food is at the center of the action:
Shrimp Festival Weekend 2014

The 22nd Annual San Felipe Shrimp Festival running November 7, 8 & 9; organized by the Mexicali – San Felipe Conventions and Tourism Committee. Come enjoy the most awaited local festivity of the year!

ShripFest-FP-PROMO-Oct-14-2014Food is at the center of the action on Shrimp Festival Weekend, with more than 60 exhibitors. All music and cultural activities start at noon each day. Free admission. Visit the Shrimp Festival website >>

~ Don’t forget on November 21 a special Snowbirds Welcome Celebration will take place on the Malecon (Boardwalk) at noon. Organized by the State Tourism Board office in San Felipe.

Check listed events and make sure you don’t miss anything!

FeaturedEvents-2014~ We invite you to continue buying locally as much as possible. Many of the local businesses are always improving season after season to give you the best service. Reward the efforts of those who do with your continued support.

~ Take a look at the latest photos and see what you could be doing in San Felipe today on Scene on the Malecon!


We Are Baja Race Team Proud Sponsors – BAJA 1000 2014

Detonating Progress Through A Recreational Port And Nautical Activities

Combined efforts to renew the San Felipe Harbor have a big chance of happening within this year. Plans for bringing a series of sailing events involving regattas of different categories and yacht fleets as a component are on their way.


A meeting for this purpose recently toke place, where authorities of federal, state and municipal levels as well as the proponents of the project from the private sector gathered to discuss all the options.


Armando Ramos Arévalo, with help from other important businessman and investors, is behind the initiative of bringing forward a new era for the port facilities with a vision of creating a state of the art seaport village and set San Felipe to a much higher competitive level by dramatically upgrading the quality of port services in every way possible.


Actions aimed at dredging the port will finalize by December and opening sea trips between San Felipe and Puerto Peñasco as well as regattas are on the verge of materializing this year, with a ferry bridging the 2 ports in the very near future.


The new highway between Mexicali and San Felipe has to detonate progress and the feasibility for nautical projects benefits greatly from it. San Felipe is ready to start promoting diverse beach and nautical activities such as kite surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking and enabling a recreational port to house fleets of yachts and other types of adventure and leisure ships. The institutions represented in the meeting were COTUCO, SEMAR, FONATUR, DELEGACION SAN FELIPE, SAN FELIPE MARINA RESORT & SPA, CAPITANIA DE PUERTO, CONSEJO DE DESARROLLADORES, GOBIERNO DE MEXICALI, GOBIERNO DEL ESTADO DE BC.


Current Fonatur Port Facilities

Sea adventurers can start their expeditions in the San Felipe Port from where they can sail about to every other destination in the Sea of Cortéz – Golfo de California and beyond.


Tours arriving at San Felipe Marina Resort & Spa

Drought conditions become important in Baja

The southwestern United States has finally recognized that a severe drought condition exists and predictions for the next 12 months have been released by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society. The attached figure shows that for most of California and Northern Baja California there is essentially a 100% probability that rainfall will be below normal for the year.

International Research Institute for Climate and Society | US-Mexico Drought Predictions


Small yellow areas of the figure indicate that the probability is around 50% that rainfall will be below normal. (White areas indicate near normal precipitation). These predictions are in line with what all of the major forecasting organizations and weather prediction centers are saying.

In the border cities of Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali, water is piped in from the Colorado River and their supply is assured for the foreseeable future by international treaty. In the other cities of Baja, however, water comes from the underground aquifers which rely on recharge by rainfall in the mountains which form the backbone of the peninsular.
San Felipe pumps its water from the area just inland from Punta Estrella where the aquifer comes close to the surface. This underground source of water, sometimes referred to incorrectly as a river, makes its way slowly down the mountain washes towards the sea as it percolates through the sandy soil over periods of decades. When it encounters significant geologic structures, such as the outcrops of Punta Estrella (ancient plugs of old volcanoes), the water backs up and has to flow around the impenetrable rock. This brings it closer to the surface where it is easier to get at, and we see particularly fertile areas such as the valley of the Giant Sahuaro Cacti.
sfe aquifer
In San Felipe, most families are economical and draw less than 10 cubic meters/month from the water system; typically 60 gallons/day for household use. By contrast, the average American family uses more than 300 gallons/day at home with close to 30% of this being used in flushing the toilet and 20% for the washing machine.
When I first built my house here I did not have a connection to the city water system and the “pipa” (water truck) came from town once a month to fill the “pila” (tank) that I built. I managed to live quite well on 15 gallons/day during those years though it did involve some inconveniences. 
The cold water that ran before the shower was hot was collected in gallon milk jugs and used to fill the toilet tank after one of the two daily flushes. Dish water went to the garden, as did water from the washing machine which got used only a couple of times a month.
Education of guests that came to visit for the weekend was the most difficult part of the process, they just automatically flushed even when the water was imperceptibly yellow and they always failed my “3 minute shower” edict. There were times when we used an entire months allocation in 3 days!
Water studies conducted several years ago indicated that the existing aquifer here could sustain double the population at that time (year 2000). However, I don’t think it took into account the very heavy use of the precious liquid by Americans. There is no water crisis yet in San Felipe, but it is clear that we all need to save every drop that we can. 
Sewage is another critical component in our infrastructure and I want to address it in more detail in another article. However, it is already apparent that the future will require wastewater recycling to be implemented as is now happening in Southern California and in Las Vegas. 
Ensenada is much less fortunate than San Felipe and a state of emergency has been declared there as a result of depletion of their aquifer. The prioritization of the wine industry in the Valle de Guadelupe has resulted in a lot of the water for the city being diverted to agricultural use. Water rationing is already in force and many households only get water 3 days per week. Short term, the water company will drill more wells but this will only deplete the meager reserves faster than before. Long term it is inevitable  that Ensenada will have to install a very expensive desalination plant to process ocean water. This is likely to be the way that San Felipe will also have to go in future years.




The 7th Annual Blues and Arts Fiesta

The grass out front of the Pavilion at El Dorado was packed this past weekend for the 7th Annual Blues and Arts Festival! A beautiful sunny day with a refreshing breeze saw 6 bands pouring out the blues for the crowd. The artist’s booths lined the perimeter with local artists showcasing their work as well as visiting artists – we had quite a few come over from Rocky Point this year!FP-MARCH-25

The crowds were good this year, with rows of chairs set up on the grass, people meandering through the stalls and getting their dance on in front of the stage.  The grass underfoot was definitely a nice sensation, and plenty of people appreciated it by wandering around barefoot!


The Friday night pre-fiesta was slightly lower key, held inside the Pavilion, where several of the bands played to a full room.

Definitely another great San Felipe event, this one combined the gorgeous San Felipe weather and vistas, talented artists from around the area, and jammin’ Blues music for one fun weekend! Check the Gallery HERE >>

With celebrations and fireworks! Viva Mexico!



On September 15th in 1810, the cry of “Viva Mexico” rose up in the town of Dolores, Mexico, leading Mexico into its fight for independence from Spain. Today, the event is remembered by the Dia del Grito on September 15th and the Día de la Independencia on the 16th. These events are celebrated with the Fiestas Patrias – in San Felipe there will be an enactment of the Grito on the Malecon on the night of September 15th, with celebrations and fireworks! Viva Mexico! View photos of San Felipe’s Fiestas Patrias HERE!


Featured Upcoming Events:



Spend your Late Summer Vacations in San Felipe. Check out THE BUSINESS PAGES Make it happen!




Wednesday, August 8

Weather Forecast for Wednesday August 8, 2012:

 Going to be another hot and humid August day out there today folks, though the morning sees a chance of rain and some clouds to mask the sun’s intense rays. Sunglasses and sunscreen day though!

SUNRISE: 6:03 am


@ 7: 00 am

30% Chance of Rain

Temperature: 91 F

Humidity: 47%

Wind: 8 km/h


@ 1:00 pm

20% Chance of Storms

Temperature: 94 F

Humidity: 44%

Wind: 13 km/h


@ 5:00 pm

Partly Cloudy

Temperature: 95 F

Humidity: 43%

Wind: 13 km/h


SUNSET: 7:26 pm


@ 11:00 pm

Partly Cloudy

Temperature: 93 F

Humidity: 45%

Wind: 13 km/h


Enjoy your day in San Felipe, Baja California, México !


Are you having problems with our classified advertisements?

I received a letter from a client who had tried many times and had been unable to successfully post an advertisement in our classified section. I suspect that there is something wrong with the software that will take some investigation. Here is his advertisement until we can get the system fixed:


BEACH HOUSE (65 Mi South of San Felipe)  4 rooms – 1000ft² – $17,500 

Beachfront, sand, not rocks, on Sea of Cortez. 1020 sq ft in 4 rooms. 20 min to gas station, restaurants, grocery store. Fresh water well, boat ramp, 6 islands nearby. All paved highway. 2 propane refrigerators, propane stove, Generator, air compressor, water pump, glassed-in porch, indoor bath/shower with tankless water heater, 20′ storage shed. Wonderful family vacation location, business camp, church retreat, eco touring (birds galore, dolphins, seal lions), fishing, kayaking, wind sailing, quads, 4×4’s. Big canyons and miles of empty beach–live in shorts and flip-flops!!  House only, land rent of $600/yr. 65 miles south of San Felipe. 

geographical coordinates 30°07’08.53″ N 114° 37’40.54″W (copy and paste into google maps or google earth)

Email Tom at grrreat (at) gmail (period) com for further details and photos.