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5 Tacos You Need to Order in San Felipe. Each one for a dollar or less !

San Felipe is renowned for its tacos, even making the Newsweek 101 Best Places to Eat List. But there are several different kinds of tacos you can order in San Felipe, and different restaurants and taco stands in certain areas specialize in different kinds. Here’s a quick look at the 5 tacos you can’t miss in San Felipe:


  1. Shrimp Taco – Taco de Camaron

    These little bundles of deliciousness are the preferred shrimp dish of many San Felipeans. Served up incredibly fresh, you can have them breaded or unbreaded (sin empanizar) Where to get them: Restaurants and stands along San Felipe’s Malecon.

  2. Fish Taco – Taco de Pescado

    If you were only to eat one thing in San Felipe, it should be a fish taco, seeing as they were first created in San Felo. While it’s not the most extravagant culinary contribution, there’s no denying that the humble fish taco is full of flavor, especially when the fish has come straight from the Sea of Cortez. Where to get them: Restaurants and stands along San Felipe’s Malecon and Mar de Cortez street

  3. Beef Taco – Taco de Carne

    If you’re in the mood for something a little meatier, the answer is, well, a meat taco. Tacos de Carne are filled with diced, seasoned steak (yum!), then you’ll be able to add a variety of toppings (fresh salsa, guacamole, lime, chopped cabbage, spicy carrots, et al) Where to get them: Late-night taco stands along Chetumal.

  4. Shaved Pork Taco – Taco al Pastor

    These tacos are not only good enough to have you going back again (and again) for more, but the cooking and serving method are somewhat remarkable. The pork marinated and is placed on an upright rotisserie to slowly cook. When you order a taco al pastor, thin slices of the pork will be shaved off the rotisserie for your taco. The unique flavors are not to be missed.  – Where to get them: You can find tacos al pastor on the Malecon, or at taco stands along Chetumal.

  5. Chicken Taco – Taco de Pollo

    If you’re craving a bit of bird instead, you can get diced chicken tacos. Specially seasoned, these taste divine with plenty of guacamole and a splash of salsa! Where to get them: Taco stands along Chetumal.

It’s not San Felipe without tacos! Make your next night out on the town a taco night!

Taco de Carne

Taco de Carne


The Sweet Spot Restaurant Has Re-opened!

This past weekend saw the grand re-opening of the Sweet Spot kitchen, complete with brand-new menus, prices and flair.


Welcome to the Sweet Spot

Nestled back on the San Felipe Malecon, you can still sit outside at a table or at the bar and take in the sea and the passer-by. You can also dine indoors, in the air conditioning, and play a few rounds on the pool table.  Plus, TVs are mounted both inside and outside at the sports bar so you can keep up with the game no matter where you’re seated.


Come on in!

Food is down-home comfort-style cooking, with a Southern influence. Indulge in an appetizer of buffalo chicken wings or chicken kabobs. Dig into a pulled pork or beef brisket sandwich for lunch, or order up a filet mignon or rack of ribs for a memorable dinner. Also, word has it that the french fries are a must-try item.


Malecon Sea-side View!

Pay a visit and check out the new menu yourself!

Flavors of the 3rd Ceviche Fest

This year’s Ceviche Fest did not disappoint as chefs from various restaurants around town, as well as special guest chef Javier Placencia, dished up some delicious servings of this flavorful fare.


Chef Rigoberto Romo form ROSITA restaurant

On Saturday, chairs were filled with locals and visitors, mingling and chatting about their favorite ceviche contender, the beautiful San Felipe day and catching up on the latest bits of gossip.

Serving up Some Ceviche!

Serving up Some Ceviche!

The ceviches were delicious, some dressed up with slices of avocado and tomato, others delicately arranged on a tostada, all very much tasty as each San Felipe restaurant brought their talents to the table to put their own spin on the dish.


Welcome to the Ceviche Fest!

Live music rocked the crowd and set the mood for this great little festival, held on the Malecon, where it intersects with Chetumal. The weather had done a complete 360º change from the rainstorms only a few days earlier, and was sunny and warm, with the sea an intense shade of blue.

You can see the photos Here>>!

Planning Your Summer Vacation in San Felipe

The warmer weather is here, and it’s the perfect time to be planning a beach getaway. And where better to go than Baja – San Felipe is ready and waiting for you! The town’s friendly, laid-back demeanour is always a relaxing atmosphere for visitors to sink into and have a good time while unwinding away from the hectic pace of life up North.

Blue View of the Sea in San Felipe!

Blue View of the Sea in San Felipe!

The warm sea and miles of beach will fulfill all your seaside vacation cravings. Bring the Sea Doos, take a banana boat or rent a sailboat for some adventuring on the water. There are also plenty of pangas available to take you out fishing, if you so desire.

If you’re looking for a nice hike, that is not too strenuous for the warm days, try walking up the Shrine of Guadalupe at dusk for a beautiful view of the downtown area, as well as the lighthouse. You can reach it by crossing the bridge at the north end of the Malecon, walking over to the hill and taking the stairs up to the top. Bring a camera for some nice vacation shots!

Looking out at the Malecon from the footbridge.

Looking out at the Malecon from the footbridge.

If you’re curious about the nightlife, San Felipe is a town that comes to life once the sun goes down during the summer, especially on the weekends. The Malecon bustles with locals and tourists alike, strolling along the sea wall, listening and dancing to the various mariachi bands, or having a refreshing drink or dinner with friends.

Bars and clubs keep going until late at night, and now of course, the newly built casino provides yet another option for evening entertainment.

So why not book now, and start getting excited? You can check out our Business Pages for the perfect accommodations. The 4th of July long weekend is just around the corner, providing the perfect excuse for a vacation! See you in San Felipe!


Here Comes the Clam Festival!

We would like to remind you about the “Clam Fiesta” happening today at the Malecon public beach in downtown. You will be delighted to find at least 5 different brands of Baja California wine and 2 brands of craft beers to pair with plenty of different Clam dishes that will be freshly made in most booths to bring joy and happiness to your San Felipe Saturday. Hours are 11am to 6pm. Free Admission.

And of course, this Sunday is Father’s Day, so if you can, be sure to give Dad a call, have a special day with him, and if you’re lucky enough to both be in San Felipe, head to the Clam Festival! clamfest2

The SanFelipe.com.mx office is now officially open!

Starting this past Monday, our summer hours are from 10am to 1pm. These hours will extend as we approach the Fall season.

We are located right in the heart of downtown San Felipe! You can find us on the first floor of La Plazita Mall, where we’ll be very happy to attend to you.

~ The Tequila Festival was a blast held out north this year! Bands, vendors, tequila, friends and fun! Check out all the photos from the Tequila Fest HERE >>.

The XVII Ensenada – San Felipe 250 Record Off Road Race will be On June 21- 23!

See what else is upcoming on our event guide:

And for the full list of Events make sure to check our Main Calendar of Events!

Find out all about owning, boarding, riding, feeding and importing horses in Baja HERE >> San Felipe is getting a new equestrian center soon!

Take a look at the latest photos and see what you could be doing in San Felipe today on Scene on the Malecon! For example, you could be in this pool:


Visiting San Felipe This Summer?

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Malecon Wall Under Construction

The Malecon wall is being reconstructed as the parts that collapsed during last summer’s extreme high tides are being replaced with a railing. (See photos of the damage to the wall here.)

Malecon railing being installed

Back in December a crane installed metal reinforcements along the damaged area, and now they are being encased in cement and the simple black railing put up.

View from the Beach


Cement Reinforcements

Meanwhile, work on the Malecon continues as cement sidewalks have been poured past Rosita’s now and are almost complete. More new benches and trash cans have arrived, ready to be installed.

New trash bins and benches, still in their wrappers, ready to be installed along the Malecon.

New construction phase starts on Malecon

~The local government has started coordinating a new construction phase on the Malecon – Boardwalk area. Sidewalks are being removed in preparation for the structural renewal. Workers started on the corner of the Beach Comber a few days back and should continue all the way north where they’ll reach Rosita’s restaurant very soon.


~The San Felipe Shrimp Festival will take place on November 2-4. On this edition the organizers are adding a new feature to the festival; renown Mexican Chefs will be presenting some Amazing recipes for your enjoyment. A time for fun, friends and mouthwatering food! Get all the info HERE!

~Artisans and artists are joining efforts to present their talents and creative product lines at a monthly Gifts, Crafts and Art Show. Get all the Information and Show dates HERE


Featured Upcoming Events:



Extend your Summer and Vacation in San Felipe! Check out THE BUSINESS PAGES Make it happen!




  • Explore the latest reports by clicking News from the main menu on top, then select a category. Use the other items on the menus to keep exploring the website. Let us know if you need assistance finding a particular kind of information.

San Felipe Malecon temporarily closed today.

The board walk on the town center had to be temporarily close due to damage suffered under a very high tide last night. 

30% of the retention wall and the Vaquita momument went down as a result of the intense force of the waves. Navy personnel are keeping the area safe and blocking circulation to both cars and pedestrians.

Construction on the Malecon Nearing Completion

The Malecon is getting closer and closer  to being complete. As of now, construction is focussed on the north end of the sea-side street as well as in the central plaza area and on the small stretch of Chetumal between the Malecon and Ave. Mar de Cortez. The finished stretch of Malecon is looking tidy and well-maintained, with bright red trash cans lining the street, public workers trimming the palm trees, and a heightened awareness of keeping the downtown and beach area clean. Keep up to date with the Malecon on Scene on the Malecon!


Featured Upcoming Events:

Looking down the new Malecon

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