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The change of Seasons – but one more storm?

It is still hot in San Felipe, but the relative humidity is dropping. We might get effects from one more storm brewing off the Acapulco-PuertoVallarta coastline. After that there should be the transition to our pleasant, 80 degree days, cool nights, crisp mornings, walk-on-the-beach weather.


Simon is a big, lazy, tropical storm that will bring lots of rain wherever it brushes the coast. The extent of the cloud cover south of Baja can be seen in the morning satellite picture below.

GOES-West_ Northeast Pacific Sector Visible

The favored track of all the big Pacific storms this season has been very consistent; forming off the southern Pacific coast of Mexico and drifting northwest along the Baja peninsular. This has been a very active year. Interestingly, the hurricane season in the Atlantic has been unusually quiet – so far.

Tropical Storm SIMON100214

Tropical Storm Simon, if it follows the trend of Norbert, Odile and Rachel could bring rain to southern and central Baja early next week. It is worth keeping an eye open to see how things develop for the northern gulf.




Tropical System To Impact Baja and Southwestern United States

A tropical system currently down south of Baja, California is developing.  This should become a Hurricane over the lifetime, weakening before hitting the Southwestern USA, and slamming the region with strong tropical moisture and upper dynamics for widespread flooding, severe thunderstorms, and maybe even tornadoes with the strongest storms.  Cruise lines and passengers should be on alert.


Photo Source: TheWeatherSpace.com

94E is developing South of Baja.  This storm should continue to develop and become a Hurricane before reaching Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The storm looks to be a north-northwest mover, which puts it right through Baja, California.  This happens rarely, maybe once every five to ten years or so.   A storm such as this will use the warm waters of the Gulf of California to maintain intensity.

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