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5 Tacos You Need to Order in San Felipe. Each one for a dollar or less !

San Felipe is renowned for its tacos, even making the Newsweek 101 Best Places to Eat List. But there are several different kinds of tacos you can order in San Felipe, and different restaurants and taco stands in certain areas specialize in different kinds. Here’s a quick look at the 5 tacos you can’t miss in San Felipe:


  1. Shrimp Taco – Taco de Camaron

    These little bundles of deliciousness are the preferred shrimp dish of many San Felipeans. Served up incredibly fresh, you can have them breaded or unbreaded (sin empanizar) Where to get them: Restaurants and stands along San Felipe’s Malecon.

  2. Fish Taco – Taco de Pescado

    If you were only to eat one thing in San Felipe, it should be a fish taco, seeing as they were first created in San Felo. While it’s not the most extravagant culinary contribution, there’s no denying that the humble fish taco is full of flavor, especially when the fish has come straight from the Sea of Cortez. Where to get them: Restaurants and stands along San Felipe’s Malecon and Mar de Cortez street

  3. Beef Taco – Taco de Carne

    If you’re in the mood for something a little meatier, the answer is, well, a meat taco. Tacos de Carne are filled with diced, seasoned steak (yum!), then you’ll be able to add a variety of toppings (fresh salsa, guacamole, lime, chopped cabbage, spicy carrots, et al) Where to get them: Late-night taco stands along Chetumal.

  4. Shaved Pork Taco – Taco al Pastor

    These tacos are not only good enough to have you going back again (and again) for more, but the cooking and serving method are somewhat remarkable. The pork marinated and is placed on an upright rotisserie to slowly cook. When you order a taco al pastor, thin slices of the pork will be shaved off the rotisserie for your taco. The unique flavors are not to be missed.  – Where to get them: You can find tacos al pastor on the Malecon, or at taco stands along Chetumal.

  5. Chicken Taco – Taco de Pollo

    If you’re craving a bit of bird instead, you can get diced chicken tacos. Specially seasoned, these taste divine with plenty of guacamole and a splash of salsa! Where to get them: Taco stands along Chetumal.

It’s not San Felipe without tacos! Make your next night out on the town a taco night!

Taco de Carne

Taco de Carne


The Sweet Spot Restaurant Has Re-opened!

This past weekend saw the grand re-opening of the Sweet Spot kitchen, complete with brand-new menus, prices and flair.


Welcome to the Sweet Spot

Nestled back on the San Felipe Malecon, you can still sit outside at a table or at the bar and take in the sea and the passer-by. You can also dine indoors, in the air conditioning, and play a few rounds on the pool table.  Plus, TVs are mounted both inside and outside at the sports bar so you can keep up with the game no matter where you’re seated.


Come on in!

Food is down-home comfort-style cooking, with a Southern influence. Indulge in an appetizer of buffalo chicken wings or chicken kabobs. Dig into a pulled pork or beef brisket sandwich for lunch, or order up a filet mignon or rack of ribs for a memorable dinner. Also, word has it that the french fries are a must-try item.


Malecon Sea-side View!

Pay a visit and check out the new menu yourself!