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A Youth Orchestra Is Planned for San Felipe

This summer promises to be another season of getting the most out of places to stay cool.

There is no compromise with weather conditions in San Felipe for July and August. It will be HOT…it will be HUMID. But this year the summer will be alive with cultural and art experiences available to everyone.

Recently I was introduced to a marvelously talented family that will be providing six weeks of art and music at the Cultural Center next to the municipal pool. It is an understatement to say that this is a great opportunity for our community.

Sergio Vela Castro will be teaching guitar to students in a collaborative effort to begin a student orchestra here in San Felipe.

There are donated musical instruments waiting to be held by our young musicians. This is the beginning process of a monumental undertaking for cultural diversity in our city. The lessons are free.

I dropped in on one of the first classes. Mr. Castro is a successful musician with the vital energy needed to inspire the young to play guitar. By the time I left the children were playing chords together in a beautiful meticulous rhythm. Yes… success already!

This is a great summer activity that will challenge and define our future musicians. Instruments are provided and the free class will last for six weeks!

Just imagine these delighted children someday playing in an orchestra! What a great way for them to spend summer days… learning musical skills with their friends…in air conditioning. Sounds perfect to me!

Centavo’s Wise Words: Keep the beat!

Baja Race Team Proud Sponsors

Starting in Baja 1000 / November 12- 16 2014

We are happy to announce we are now Baja Race Team proud sponsors. Representing San Felipe November 12 – 16 on the famous Baja 1000, the team is in the last stages of their preparations to mobilize to Ensenada for contingency and inspection and set up for action on the 13th. See Baja 1000 course map here >>


Food is at the center of the action:
Shrimp Festival Weekend 2014

The 22nd Annual San Felipe Shrimp Festival running November 7, 8 & 9; organized by the Mexicali – San Felipe Conventions and Tourism Committee. Come enjoy the most awaited local festivity of the year!

ShripFest-FP-PROMO-Oct-14-2014Food is at the center of the action on Shrimp Festival Weekend, with more than 60 exhibitors. All music and cultural activities start at noon each day. Free admission. Visit the Shrimp Festival website >>

~ Don’t forget on November 21 a special Snowbirds Welcome Celebration will take place on the Malecon (Boardwalk) at noon. Organized by the State Tourism Board office in San Felipe.

Check listed events and make sure you don’t miss anything!

FeaturedEvents-2014~ We invite you to continue buying locally as much as possible. Many of the local businesses are always improving season after season to give you the best service. Reward the efforts of those who do with your continued support.

~ Take a look at the latest photos and see what you could be doing in San Felipe today on Scene on the Malecon!


We Are Baja Race Team Proud Sponsors – BAJA 1000 2014

Detonating Progress Through A Recreational Port And Nautical Activities

Combined efforts to renew the San Felipe Harbor have a big chance of happening within this year. Plans for bringing a series of sailing events involving regattas of different categories and yacht fleets as a component are on their way.


A meeting for this purpose recently toke place, where authorities of federal, state and municipal levels as well as the proponents of the project from the private sector gathered to discuss all the options.


Armando Ramos Arévalo, with help from other important businessman and investors, is behind the initiative of bringing forward a new era for the port facilities with a vision of creating a state of the art seaport village and set San Felipe to a much higher competitive level by dramatically upgrading the quality of port services in every way possible.


Actions aimed at dredging the port will finalize by December and opening sea trips between San Felipe and Puerto Peñasco as well as regattas are on the verge of materializing this year, with a ferry bridging the 2 ports in the very near future.


The new highway between Mexicali and San Felipe has to detonate progress and the feasibility for nautical projects benefits greatly from it. San Felipe is ready to start promoting diverse beach and nautical activities such as kite surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking and enabling a recreational port to house fleets of yachts and other types of adventure and leisure ships. The institutions represented in the meeting were COTUCO, SEMAR, FONATUR, DELEGACION SAN FELIPE, SAN FELIPE MARINA RESORT & SPA, CAPITANIA DE PUERTO, CONSEJO DE DESARROLLADORES, GOBIERNO DE MEXICALI, GOBIERNO DEL ESTADO DE BC.


Current Fonatur Port Facilities

Sea adventurers can start their expeditions in the San Felipe Port from where they can sail about to every other destination in the Sea of Cortéz – Golfo de California and beyond.


Tours arriving at San Felipe Marina Resort & Spa

Governor KIKO Vega Is Bringing Unprecedented Support For San Felipe and Its Region


Saturday January 25 will be remembered as a very important day in the recent history of San Felipe.

In a meeting that took place at the Playa del Paraiso Hotel and organized by Jesús Carrillo, head of the Economic Development Committee, the governor of Baja California, Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid attended to bring exciting news for San Felipe and the entire east coast.

The governor was briefed by representatives of some of the most important local developments such as El Dorado Ranch, Rancho Costa Verde and Playa del Paraiso and also by the Economic Development Committee of San Felipe.

It was very impressive to witness how governor Kiko Vega engaged the audience during his speech with a high level of kindness and simplicity, showing his sincere concerns about the present and future of San Felipe.

After thanking the participation of the attendees governor Vega explained that he knows San Felipe and many of its residents and with a background in the private sector he can fully understand the challenges that businesses in general are currently facing and knows what has to be done to support our investors and entrepreneurs.

Governor Vega stated that his administration will be one that becomes a strong promoter of the efforts and investments of the private sector of San Felipe. He explained he is aware of the most sensitive issues and is willing to make and take the required actions and investments here.

He recognized the enormous contributions from Pat Buttler to put San Felipe on the map and praised the works of jesús Carrillo and all the people involved in the Economic Development Committee.

In an unprecedented statement historically made by any other Baja California government; governor Kiko Vega explained that in order to successfully support the local agenda, at some point within the month of February representatives of the entire government of Baja California will converge here and take all the steps to begin the works for the new San Felipe we all are willing to see and live in. Also the involvement of the Mexicali mayor and representatives of the Federal Agencies will participate in this unprecedented project.

This in the words of governor Vega will help to avoid dispersing the efforts and enable a common ground to solve the issues.

Governor Vega also considers a priority to continue and finish the pending works of the airport since there are more than one airliner almost ready to deploy services in what will finally become a fully functional San Felipe International Airport and facilities.

After many many years of uncertainty San Felipe is finally receiving the enthusiasm and sincere commitment of the state government.

Justice, health, education, sports, urban infrastructure, communications, land tenure, employment, safety, legality, tourism, ecology and human rights are but a few of the topics that will be covered thoroughly starting in February.


This time around the governor was accompanied  by his Secretary of Tourism who in December greatly helped unblocking some issues pertaining to the organization of the San Felipe 250 race. After finishing his historic visit to San Felipe, Governor Kiko Vega continued on with his tour through the east coast.

Want to keep in touch with Baja California Governor? You may follow KIKO Vega on Facebook.


U.S.-Based Hotline To Alert Authorities About Alleged Crimes in Baja California

A toll-free, U.S.-based hotline for people to alert authorities about alleged crimes in Baja California has received 333 calls and resulted in 10 arrests since it was launched in 2009, Mexican officials said Wednesday.

Those officials, who held a news conference at the Mexican consulate in San Diego, also promoted the phone service as an easy way for people to report crimes or tip off authorities to suspicious activities.

They said the toll-free number — (866) 201-5060 — is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by attorneys who speak English and Spanish. They also said callers can remain anonymous, and that tips are sent to the appropriate law-enforcement agency for investigation.

Information concerning alleged crimes in other parts of Mexico are accepted as well, although the emphasis is on Baja California.

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Conjoined Whale Twins

It’s the beginning of gray whale calving season in the lagoons of Baja California, Mexico, and fishermen there recently had a rare find: conjoined whale twins. Some scientist are wondering if this is already probe of the Fukushima radiation levels affecting the west coast of the northern part of the continent.

It would have been virtually impossible for the whales to survive, indicating they were probably born prematurely or stillborn, scientists added.
 Read the full report on KPBS >>



Increasing Cross-border Mobility


Image source: http://www.accountancyage.com/

Juan Tintos Funcke, Baja California’s secretary of tourism has stated recently that cross-border trade and tourism will be helped by recent road and infrastructural improvements at local border crossings, and the upcoming construction of a privately funded cross-border terminal, giving air travelers direct access to the Tijuana airport.

He said Baja California tourism officials are actively campaigning in support of California Senate Bill 397, also known as the “enhanced driver’s license bill,” proposed by state Sen. Ben Hueso, D-San Diego.

The measure, similar to those in place in states such as Michigan and New York, would give California residents the option of getting a microchip-enhanced license with which they could cross into and out of Mexico without a passport. The enhanced identification has been recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a way to expedite border crossings.

“Anything that helps to ease traffic at the Mexican border is going to help the economy of both sides,” Funcke said.

Baja Tourism Growth Outpacing Mexico

Baja California recently welcomed the most summer visitors it’s seen in more than five years, as it continues to shake off generalized traveler perceptions about drug-related violence happening elsewhere in Mexico, Funcke said.

He said Baja’s recent efforts to promote itself as a hub for culinary experiences — emphasizing wineries, craft beer and craft cheese, among other “foodie” elements — combined with more sophisticated marketing have helped the region’s tourism improve at a faster clip than Mexico as a whole. Funcke’s office cited Mexican hotel industry data showing occupancy up 30 percent from a year ago in Tijuana, 16 percent in Mexicali and 6 percent in Ensenada.


Tropical System To Impact Baja and Southwestern United States

A tropical system currently down south of Baja, California is developing.  This should become a Hurricane over the lifetime, weakening before hitting the Southwestern USA, and slamming the region with strong tropical moisture and upper dynamics for widespread flooding, severe thunderstorms, and maybe even tornadoes with the strongest storms.  Cruise lines and passengers should be on alert.


Photo Source: TheWeatherSpace.com

94E is developing South of Baja.  This storm should continue to develop and become a Hurricane before reaching Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The storm looks to be a north-northwest mover, which puts it right through Baja, California.  This happens rarely, maybe once every five to ten years or so.   A storm such as this will use the warm waters of the Gulf of California to maintain intensity.

Please continue reading on the source article at TheWeatherSpace.Com >>

Moderate 4.3 Earthquake Felt in San Felipe

‎A 4.3 magnitude earthquake occurred 59 miles southeast of Ensenada at 2:53pm, February Monday 25th. Some weak shaking was felt in San Felipe, with several people noticing furniture swaying or simply feeling a slight rumble underfoot. No damage reported in San Felipe.