Flying to San Felipe


San Felipe International Airport

Scheduled, commercial, airline service was recently started between San Diego International Airport (SAN – Lindbergh Field) and San Felipe (SFH) by Seaport Airlines. Flights are presently on nine passenger Cessnas. Connections can be made to other Seaport flights in San Diego, for example to Hollywood/Burbank, and there are plenty of national and international flights out of San Diego on other major airlines to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding traveler.

SeaPort Airlines, Inc. operates scheduled air service between San Diego (San Diego International Airport) and San Felipe (San Felipe International Airport) four times a week. Flights are operated Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Currently, flights are scheduled to depart from San Diego at 11:15 AM and arrive in San Felipe at 12:35 AM. Flights depart San Felipe at 1:30 PM and arrive in San Diego at 2:50 PM. Schedules are subject to change, so for the most accurate flight schedule information, travelers should visit and use the internet booking engine to check flight times and fares for their desired travel dates.

Terminal and Departure Info – San Felipe International Airport
A valid passport is required for international travel in and out of the U.S. (it has to be a passport, NOT just the passport card)

Ticket Counter
The ticket counter is located just inside the doors at the San Felipe International Airport.

Security Screening
Passengers departing the San Felipe International Airport are required to go through security screening.  Please arrive at least one hour prior to departure for check-in.  Certain items will not be allowed on the aircraft, consistent with TSA requirements. Check the TSA website,, for more information about items that are allowed through the security checkpoint.

Food and beverage are not allowed on the aircraft. Currently, there are food or beverage service offered at the airport. The flight is short, but we recommend using the restroom prior to going through security screening.

Passengers arriving in San Felipe will be required to go through customs. Customers should be aware that they may be required to pay $25.00 USD (cash only) for a Mexican Tourist Card upon arrival in San Felipe.  More information about the tourist card can be found on this website. This is a fee collected by customs in Mexico, and is not collected by the air carrier.
Passengers flying into San Diego from San Felipe will be required to clear U.S. customs.

Parking and Transportation
Parking is free at  San Felipe International Airport for all SeaPort passengers. Currently, there are no rental cars or ground transportation options from this airport; however, some hotels and resorts may offer shuttle service and visitors can plan to use taxis to get around town.

Flying out of San Diego International Airport
Those flying from San Diego into San Felipe should know that airport parking is offered at the San Diego International Airport for a fee collected by the airport. San Diego International Airport has several ground transportation options.
Currently, international passengers traveling on SeaPort depart from the Commuter Terminal at San Diego, but fly into Terminal 2 (International Terminal).

International passengers arriving in San Diego (SAN) who wish to rent a car and drive it to Mexico should check California Baja Rent a car in San Diego. You will have to buy Mexico automobile insurance in addition to US insurance to cover your vehicle.

Private pilots can also land their planes here and there are occasional charter flights that bring in prospective real estate purchasers – check with your real estate agent to see if they offer any flights from your area.

San Felipe International Airport is 9.2 km. southeast of town at co-ordinates 30° 56′ north latitude; 114° 48′ west longitude at an elevation of 42 meters. The runway is 1,500 meters long by 31 meters wide with an orientation of 13-31. The control tower is on frequency 118.5 MHz. Business hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. They carry 100/30 AV gas and Jet-A. It’s a good idea to check with the airport before you fly in to make sure there is gas available (011-52-686-577-1368).

There is an office cost (military fee) of approximately $46, and an $8 landing fee; also an $8 a day parking fee for each plane. In addition you can expect to pay $20 per person for a visa for anyone who does not have an immigrant or valid Tourist Visa.


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