By Katherine Hammontré (aka "KAT")

It was my first trip out on the Sea of Cortez and I have since been relieved of the "sea sickness spirit" as I've been out a few other times on the Jose Andrés and never even had a stomach ache, except from laughing. I don't fish, but you have to see the naked beauty and the marks of the different shifts in the earth. There are islands you're allowed to explore and a few that you must follow the path and obey the signs or it's a federal offense. There are species of birds that are only found on this island and they lay their eggs. Our little puelbo by the sea is enjoying wonderful weather, but we're getting a bum rap because of the constant Baja bashing in the press. We are safe here; we've got the Navy, Army, State Police, Municipal Police; Highway Patrol and the Green Angels to help in you case your car runs out of gas or you have any other car problems. And, there's only one road out of town with an Army stop about 45-60 minutes out of town. These three day trips are great if you fish or don't fish. It is for the adventurous types and at times it may seem bit rustic, but all of your meals are cooked and served for you; no dishes, hot showers, a few state rooms where you can book two or four to a room (bunk beds), but the main bunks are on the second deck. It's like an "open sea air" camping trip on a big boat.You can sun bathe, drink Tecate, explore parts of the Sea of Cortez that you can only see from the water; swim, fish or just lob out and read a good book. The Jose Andrés is big enough that we can all still gossip, but at opposite ends of the boat (just kidding). So, if you're interested start planning a trip you'll always remember. You can bring your kayaks (although Tony has a few), little rafts, or a group can go out in the pangas with a fishing guide. There is so much history, beauty and magic to the Sea of Cortez and you'll hear all about it, if you care to listen. There is a maximum number of beds available for each voyage so plan ahead. August is warm, but it's nice. These trips are on the Jose Andrés and possibly the B/M Tony Reyes. Remember, don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today, or "he/she who hesitates is lost" cause you just never know how long this universe is going to keep you around. The Net's weather gal, Shirley, and her friend went on a trip and they loved it (there were a lot of men on that trip!). If you are a "couple" try and put a group of your friends together and enjoy the fishing while you still can. To make arrangements for these trips, please call Tony Reyes Sr. personally, or send a fax. He'll be glad to help. Or send an email to and reference Tony Reyes. I'll relay it to him. Telephone or fax Tony in San Felipe if you're interested at 011-52-686-577-1120. (By the way, it's an 86 foot boat, not 65 as stated in the article).



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