Current satellite picture

The current satellite picture of Mexico, showing the cloud cover and areas of potential rain (in increasingly red color) is seen below:




During this period of very bad weather, I am making our beach camera view of town temporarily available during equipment and software changes.

Below are graphs from our weather station on the beach at Playas de las Palmas showing the most requested information. The graphs show the trends for the reporting period and the latest readings are the ones on the very right-hand side of each graph.

During quiet climactic periods, the graphs will cover the past seven (or 28) days. When we have active weather conditions, such as during storms, the displays will focus on the past 24 hours:

Temperature and relative humidity readings:


Below is the doppler radar view from Yuma showing any rain activity in the Northern Baja area. Note that during very windy conditions over the northern Gulf, the radar display may show reflections appearing to be rain that are really scatter from the dust clouds. Rain is most likely characterized by bright green and yellow patches in the image:

Wind speed and direction (wind gust speeds are shown by the dotted lines):

The western US/Baja peninsular satellite picture (a combination of visible and IR sensors) is useful for seeing any developing storms that could affect San Felipe.

The Barometric Pressure: