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Feb 16 – 21 San Felipe Weekly Report

Here is your February 16 – 21 report for San Felipe.

Weekly Weather Forecast

Today 75º – 60º

Tuesday 73º – 59º

Wednesday 75º – 60º

Thursday 78º – 61º

Friday 76º – 60º

Saturday 77º – 61º

This week’s Tide Calendar


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San Felipe Weekly Report.


February 2 – 7

Here is your February 2 – 7 report for San Felipe.

Weekly Weather Forecast

Today 73º – 58º

Tuesday 74º – 61º

Wednesday 74º – 58º

Thursday 75º – 58º

Friday 76º – 60º

Saturday 76º – 62º

This week’s Tide Calendar


National Energy prices


Mezcla Mexicana: Dls.38.03
WTI: Dls. 45.59


Gas Natural
 Dólares/millón de BTU’s
Henry Hub: Dls. 2.96


Magna: 13.57 MN / Premium: 14.38 MN
 / Diesel:  14.20 MN

High Doses of Saxitoxin

After the finding of 550 death birds and 4 marine mamals in the beaches of San Felipe, the Mexican government agency in charge of the environment “Profepa” sponsored the evaluation and analysis of our coastal waters, through the scientific work performed by the agencies SENAISCA and ISESALUD.

They dissected the dead animals and through several biological and micro biological tests they come up with the following result: They found high doses of Saxitoxin, a neurotoxin identified as the main cause of the current situation.

Saxitoxin neurotoxin molecule

According to Wikipedia “Detection of Saxitoxin in shellfish such as mussels, clams and scallops frequently leads to closures of commercial and recreational shellfish harvesting, especially in California, Oregon, Washington, and New England.”

Also “Saxitoxin (STX) is the best-known as paralytic shellfish toxin (PST), the ultimate source of STX is still uncertain. In the United States, paralytic shellfish poisoning is limited to New England and the West Coast. The dinoflagellate Pyrodinium bahamense is the source of STX found in Florida.[5][6] Recent research shows the detection of STX in the skin, muscle, viscera, and gonads of “Indian River Lagoon” southern puffer fish, with the highest concentration (22,104 µg STX eq/100 g tissue) measured in the ovaries. Even after a year of captivity, the skin mucus remained highly toxic.[7] The various concentrations in puffer fish from the United States are similar to those found in the Philippines, Thailand,[6] Japan,[8] and South American countries.[9]

The current condition of the San Felipe coast line is being defined as a RED TIDE with strong influences of Saxitoxin.

The latest known report from Profepa is from January 16. Where they clearly mention that the current prohibition on consumption of local fish and seafood will continue until further notice.

If you follow the authorities advice, you can avoid being paralyzed with a Saxitosin posoning condition which in some cases can also lead to death.

Main source: Grupo Milenio. http://www.milenio.com/estados/Puerto_San_Felipe-marea_roja-muerte_aves_BC-Baja_California_muerte_aves_0_447555358.html

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Long Distance Calls

Long Distance Calls Within Mexico Are Now Local.

Long distance call charges within Mexico have vanished since January 1 2015. All telephone companies operating within the national territory are now obliged to remove long distance call charges on land lines and cell phones.

The long distance dialing prefixes and method will remain the same for now, 045 for cell phones and 01 for land lines.

All international calls (outside the Mexican territory) will kept being charged as usual, there is no changes in this regard.

So for example calls from San Felipe to anywhere in Mexico will be charged as a local call, whether you use your cell phone or land line.

Weather trend for the rest of the week in San Felipe:

Wednesday: H 75° – L 58°

Thursday: H 71° – L 57°

Friday: H 70° – L 53°

Saturday: H 68° – H 53°

Sunday: H 67° – L 54°

Keep having a great day.


Daily Report Starts January 6

Starting Tuesday 6 we will be bringing you a daily report, covering weather forecast, tide calendar, winds and information relevant to the daily living in this lovely Mexican town.

Scoop on energy alternatives and policy; guidance on things to buy, to give and to try.

We will be happy to have you in 5 days a week. Stay tuned.