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January 9 – 14 San Felipe Weekly

Here is January 9th through the 14th report for San Felipe.

January 9 – 14 San Felipe Weekly

Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Mexico

January 9 – 14 San Felipe Weekly

Weekly Weather Forecast

Sunday 8 —º –º

Monday 9 75º 56º

Tuesday 10 69º – 53º

Wednesday 11 70º – 53º

Thursday 12 68º – 52º

Friday 13 62º – 50º >> 50% chances of rain

Saturday 14 68º – 52º

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January 9 – 14 San Felipe Weekly

September 22 – 29 San Felipe Weekly
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San Felipe Weekly Report.

January 9 – 14 San Felipe Weekly

From El Dorado Ranch to Puertecitos and all the way down to Bahía de Gonzaga: The San Felipe Corridor is fascinating.
December 25 – 31 San Felipe Weekly

The Remnants of Newton move into Arizona

Overnight the remnants of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Newton have moved into Arizona as shown by the doppler radar below. Remnant cloud is passing over the northern Gulf and San Felipe. No rain has been detected in our area and we expect to be back to clear skies and 90 degree temperatures for the rest of this week.


Hurricane Newton approaching the tip of the Baja Peninsular

From the National Hurricane Center:

900 PM MDT MON SEP 05 2016

Newton has continued to quickly strengthen this evening, with a
ragged eye occasionally becoming apparent in infrared satellite
pictures.  The eye was confirmed by a recent SSMIS microwave
overpass and the earlier aircraft data.  The Air Force Hurricane
Hunter aircraft reported a peak 700 mb flight-level wind of 87 kt
around 2300 UTC, which supported the 75 kt intensity on the
intermediate public advisory.  Given the increase in organization
since that time, the initial wind speed has been increased to 80 kt
for this advisory.  Newton is forecast to remain in a very low shear
environment and over warm water during the next 12 hours, which
should lead to continued intensification before the center reaches
the coast of the southern Baja California peninsula Tuesday
morning.  Weakening is expected while system moves over the
the Baja California peninsula, but given the fast forward speed,
Newton could remain at or near hurricane strength until final
landfall in mainland Mexico in about 36 hours.

Newton is moving northwestward or 325/14 kt.  The hurricane will be
moving around the western periphery of a ridge over the southern
United States.  This should cause a north-northwestward to
northward motion that will bring the hurricane into northwestern
Mexico in about 36 hours.  The track guidance is very tightly
packed, and the NHC track is near a consensus of the GFS and ECMWF

The wind radii were expanded outward based on data from the earlier
aircraft mission.  The updated track and intensity forecast
required the government of Mexico to issue new warnings and watches
for Baja California and mainland Mexico.

Updated graphic 9 p.m. Monday 5 September 2016


The 9 p.m. Infra Red picture of the hurricane with its (potentially rain-bearing) cloud field is shown in the picture below.

newton 090516 9pm

Tropical System To Impact Baja and Southwestern United States

A tropical system currently down south of Baja, California is developing.  This should become a Hurricane over the lifetime, weakening before hitting the Southwestern USA, and slamming the region with strong tropical moisture and upper dynamics for widespread flooding, severe thunderstorms, and maybe even tornadoes with the strongest storms.  Cruise lines and passengers should be on alert.


Photo Source:

94E is developing South of Baja.  This storm should continue to develop and become a Hurricane before reaching Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The storm looks to be a north-northwest mover, which puts it right through Baja, California.  This happens rarely, maybe once every five to ten years or so.   A storm such as this will use the warm waters of the Gulf of California to maintain intensity.

Please continue reading on the source article at TheWeatherSpace.Com >>

Thunder storms and intermittent highway closings on September 10

Highway 5 was intermittently closed yesterday due to heavy rain. Please be advised of recent flooding at the construction detour area in San Felipe – Mexicali highway. Also when driving be aware of any flash floods through the road and never enter them. Currently in town our forecast indicates 20% chance of rain in the next couple of hours. The local authorities have been working on each segment that has been affected with flooding in town. Drive carefully and avoid entering flooded areas.




The Delegado and members of the city rescue crew