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Flying to Baja Mexico

In a recent publication, author Bryan from wrote an article about flying into the Baja California peninsula in northern Mexico. Here is a brief highlight of this most interesting article and the video that comes along with it. Follow the link below to read the full article and learn more about the Disciples of Flight project.


“I’ll have another shot at Mexico, and in a way I go through the entire gambit of identifying obstacles from opportunities every time I drive onto that airport and open the hangar.  It’s part of what i love about aviation, part of what I find addictive, a constant battle with yourself, a fight to become something better than we were before.”

Enjoy the video and I would encourage all of us to try to get down to Mexico. Read full article at HERE >>

Tourism Office Has Been Relocated

For your information:
We have relocated the Tourism office in San Felipe,  We are now on Av. Mar de Cortez #142  at Motel Chapala, it will always be our pleasure to Assist you.
Greetings and whising you a Happy 2016 from Gloria, Lupita and Enrique
This information made available by Linda Garcia.
Tourism Office Has Been Relocated

Reasons Not to Visit San Felipe

If you’re thinking about paying a visit to this beautiful town by the sea, make sure you count in all the factors before you pack your bags. There are a few risks you need to consider before heading south.

Too many beaches!
If you’re coming down to enjoy a beach vacation, just be prepared for the overwhelming over-abundance of beaches to pick from. Should you camp to the south and enjoy virtually private beaches? Head to the main beach so you can have fun on banana boats and pick up paleta treats from local vendors? Set up on the picturesque beach between Machorro and the lighthouse? Try to find a secret beach over by Cantu Cove? Too many options to choose from! How are you supposed to make a decision??

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This beach? The other beautiful beach? Why are you making me choose??

Delicious tacos will make you fat?
With the combination of ridiculously fresh seafood, handmade soft tortillas and fresh salsas, authentic San Felipe flavor (bring on the lime, cabbage and mayo), and awesome prices, make no mistake. You won’t be able to stop eating the tacos. And you will get fat.

Too many Dos Equis.
Well you had to accompany the tacos with something, right? In all likelihood, you’re going to consume enough Dos Equis to start thinking that you are the most interesting man (or woman) in the world.


Pack the sunblock and hats. Sunshine comes complimentary with San Felo vacations.

Exposure to another culture and expansion of your worldview.
Brush off that Spanish phrase book and get ready to be exposed to a friendly, laid-back, welcoming way of life that can feel totally different from your usual stressful routine. If you don’t want to miss out on deadlines, pressure and uptight people, Baja may not be for you.

You won’t want to leave.
Leaving the beaches, tacos, friendly people, and Dos Equis behind to head back to crowded freeways, jobs and bland food? Do I have to? A visit to San Felipe may leave you with a severe case of wanting to run away from your life and become a beach bum in Baja.

So before you head on down, make sure you know the consequences of a visit to the San Felipe Region!

"I'm not going home" - visitors to San Felipe.

“I’m not going home” – visitors to San Felipe.

Seaport Airlines Makes the Trip a Breeze


Take flight and make your trip to or from San Felipe easy! Whether you’re flying in or out of our little town in the Baja, Seaport Airlines makes the trip a breeze.


There are four flights scheduled per week, on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and you can book your flight online easily using their booking engine. Flights are scheduled to leave San Diego at 11:15 AM and arrive in San Felipe at 12:35 PM, then leave San Felipe at 1:30 PM and arrive in San Diego at 2:50 PM, but make sure to check online to get the latest info on flight schedules and any changes.


For those looking to head up to the States, the flight cuts out a 4.5 hour long drive, and the wait in the border line, making it a fantastic option for heading north. Once you’ve reached the day of your trip, here’s what to expect!


Plan to arrive at the airport at least an hour before your flight departs. The San Felipe International Airport is an easy 15-minute drive from downtown.

Once you get to the airport, you’ll be able to check in at the Seaport desk just inside the front door. There are no bathrooms on the plane, so it can be a good idea to use the one at the airport before boarding.


Passengers are permitted one checked piece of baggage up to 50 lbs. for free (2 pieces for Full Flex fare passengers). Remember to bring your passport, as it is required for travel! Your name, weight, and baggage weight will be recorded, and then you can head to the immigration desk if you need to obtain a visitor’s visa (costs $25) or just to have your current immigration card checked (costs 32 pesos). This only takes a minute, and then you can head back to the Seaport desk, where your boarding pass will be printed and you can continue to the security check. Your bags will be X-rayed and you’ll pass through a metal detector. After this is done, there will be a roll call, and you’ll be able to head out to the tarmac to board the plane. The plane is a Cessna seating 9 passengers and 2 crew.


Both window seats and aisle seats are available. Once you’ve gotten to your seat and fastened your seatbelt, the crew will let you know the safety information, and pass out declaration forms for the US, which you can fill out en route.

You’re now ready to take flight and enjoy the view! Flights out of and into San Felipe offer particularly spectacular scenery of our beautiful seaside town, as you get a birds-eye view of downtown, with Machorro arcing out into the sea to create the bay. Further to the north, you can see the various campos and El Dorado Ranch.


The mountains and sea make for great vistas to take in as you make your way between San Diego and San Felipe, and the flight lasts about an hour and 20 minutes,.

Once you land in San Diego, you will disembark the plane, and head into immigration at San Diego airport’s international terminal. Passing through immigration does not take long, you will be able to use automated machines to make any declarations and obtain a printed slip, and then simply show this slip to the immigration officers along with your declaration form and passport. Once done with immigration, you can pick up your bags from the carousel in the terminal and enjoy the rest of your day in San Diego!


To find out even more about the flights in and out of San Felipe check our Flying Here page. To book a flight now, head over to Seaport Airlines’ website! Click here to check out available flights and book today!

Springtime San Felipe

We are at the change of the seasons in Baja California and this period, from now to the start of the hot weather in late June, is a perfect time to visit San Felipe. Daytime temperatures along our beaches are already moving into the 70’s while the overnight lows in the 60’s make for ideal sleeping weather. If you enjoy relaxing with a good book under a beach palapa you could not choose a better place to spend a vacation.

Our wide, sandy, beaches are very safe for children and the gentle waters of the Sea of Cortez are ideal for swimmers and kayakers of all levels. When the afternoon breezes come up you will want to go out on your Hobie Cat or rent a boat locally. If you are a fisherman, book one of the pangas along the Malecon to pick you up at your beachfront hotel or condo for a day trip to “the rock”.


If you are staying anywhere along the San Felipe bay, you can pass a pleasant afternoon by walking along the beach into town, even from the Hacienda resort 6 miles south. You might want to stop and take a look at some of the real estate developments you pass on the way. Visit the Palapa Bar or infinity pool of the Marina Resort, or the historic Barefoot Bar at the El Cortez for a drink. Check out the fish catch as you go by the harbor and also take a look at the boatslips available for rent at the new Fonatur development. Maybe one day you will sail your boat here and stay for a while as you explore the “aquarium of the world”. Enjoy a great dinner in town and ask your waiter to call you a taxi back to your hotel.

Of course, if you want to experience the excitement of a town chock-full of families partying and kicking up their heels at the fun-fair and in the restaurants and bars along the Malecon,  just come for Easter Week (14-20 April). But you need to book a room now, Semana Santa is a National Holiday in Mexico and there is always a total sellout of all accommodations!

The highway south from Mexicali to San Felipe is complete and an excellent paved surface is in place for the entire 180 Km from the capital city to the San Felipe Arches. It is an easy 2.5 hour drive from the border crossing at Calexico to San Felipe so take your time as you drive here and admire the desert views. The rains last month are now bringing out the desert grasses and verbena. The palo verde bushes, the mesquite and ocotillos, are all putting out new growth and the deserts will soon be a riot of reds, greens and purples.

San Felipe is an undiscovered gem that is within an easy days drive of most of Southern California, Arizona and even Las Vegas. Get your passport renewals in the works now and come and visit this safe and tranquil little town.

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Family Vacations In The San Felipe – Puertecitos Corridor

The Baja east coast has so much to offer to visiting families looking for a really nice and affordable getaway. 


These families found the perfect combination for fun, comfort and safety.

They rented a great vacation property in a private community where they spent most of their time enjoying the amazing beachfront and the comfort of a well-equipped and safe home. They randomly visited downtown San Felipe, heading there early in the day only to stock up on groceries, have a meal at a nice restaurant and walk along the Malecon for a brief shopping spree, before heading back to their peaceful vacation rental. They enjoyed the cleanliness of the south beaches. They made sure to always drive the highways during daylight hours, and crossed the border in Tijuana on their way back home. They aimed to get quality services and achieved just that by making all the right choices for their vacation.