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Specialty trip tips when planning to visit the San Felipe Region.

Every month the full moon over San Felipe lead to relaxing views along the stretches of the Shore and Desert. Plan your next trip to the region in a full moon period and make it special. Come and see nocturnal creatures, experience the awesome quiet and marvel at the reflection of the moon over the still waters. Come vacation where few have been and travel south to witness what few have seen: The Baja East Coast.



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10 things to do before 10 am any given day in July.

  1. Rent a panga for a trip around the Bay.
  2. Wander the beach and collect sea glass, shells and other treasures.
  3. Poke around the tide pools at low tide and discover something new.
  4. Rent a quad and explore the sand dunes south of town or the desert.
  5. Feeling adventurous? Strap on hiking boots and climb the hill down by the baseball park for a panoramic view of San Felipe!
  6. Take a lazy early drive south and visit the Sand Dollar Beach at kilometer 26.
  7. Tour real estate bargains and deals, there are currently plenty of interesting ones.
  8. Get new flowers, plants and pots at one of the nurseries in town.
  9. Have Coffee and Breakfast at La Plazita’s 2nd floor Restaurant.
  10. Visit de “Centro Cultural” and sign up for an art class or workshop, admissions are open.

Planning on vacationing in San Felipe? Check out our Accommodations page.