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The Hands of an Artisan

Daria Mariscal invites you to participate in her Pai Pai pottery workshop, dates are now open and the next one is taking place on March 18.

You will experience the making of pottery the Pai Pai way.


A unique experience that takes you to the heart of Santa Catarina in the mountains of Baja California.


Daria works only with traditional methods that were originally used by her ancestors.


For more information please contact the organizer, Wendy Doman at cel: 686 114 4976.


In this facility Daria is building a community museum to preserve the language and traditions of the Pai Pai people.


More dates will be opening through out the season, please get in touch with the organizer for more details.


A fee is charged to participants to cover expenses and mainly to help Daria to continue her cultural preservation work.


 Come and greet The Hands of an Artisan in Daria’s Pai Pai Pottery workshop. Daria Mariscal and Wendy Doman invite you to participate. Just call cel: 686 114 4976 from US or Canada dial 011 52 1 686 114 4976.


Where: Pai Pai Museum in Santa Catarina

When: Check dates by calling Wendy 114 4976

Time: Departure from Crystal Blue Healing & Teaching at 8:30 am. Arriving back before 5pm.

Donation / Fee: 100 dollars per person. Includes your ride to and from Santa Catarina. Pottery Session with Daria, Workshop materials, Catered lunch, Snacks with herbal teas and water.

A Deposit is Required to Ensure your place. Please take into consideration that no refunds are available upon failing to attend your reserved date.

Skimboarding San Felipe

This new sport was invented in Southern California, is very similar to surfing and could easily become the next trend on beach sports for enthusiasts of all ages through out San Felipe beaches, where each day the tides surge in and out, exposing long stretches of beach along the sea. During strong tides, as much as 2 kilometres of flat beach is revealed. You can start -Skimboarding San Felipe All Year Long!

Photo by: Chase O’Black
During these times, beachcombers can wander and find little treasure spots for jogging on the beach. So these massive tidal bores we get down here make San Felipe an ideal place to enjoy skimboarding on a regular basis thanks to both the weather being friendly most part of the year and waves tagged as being really calm through out.
Photo by: K J Holiday
Instead of riding big waves though, skim boarders use smaller boards to skim along shallow areas of water such as those found on the San Felipe beach when the tide is out, or to ride the small waves that come into shore.
Catherine E Bailey
 Skimboarding in San Felipe can be practiced any time of the year.
You could be the first to start the trend down here.
Bring a board next time you visit San Felipe and give it a try!

What is There to Do, Once I Get to San Felipe this Fall and Winter Seasons?


There are plenty of things to do here to keep you busy. Fall and winter are an ideal time to go out and explore the deserts. We recommend a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a GPS for navigation.


Be back in town before dusk! There are wonderful fossil beds and abandoned mines to see as well as waterfalls and pools for swimming at the base of the mountains to our west. The basic route to get there is along the Saltito road through the El Dorado ranch about 5 miles north of town (whet used to be called the Zoo Road).


This road has now been made private for residents only and you should use the road closer to town, at the edge of the El Dorado property, next to the San Felipe Storage Company building. It is signposted “Colonia Morelia”. Allow one hour for the trip out to the foothills; take plenty of water and have a picnic. Note that the terrain on the way to the foothills can be very dusty – you will likely be crossing dry lake beds and the surface is a very fine silt. The best vehicles for crossing such ground are the local dune buggies. If you have a heavy SUV be very cautious and carry a spade and some matting in case you get stuck. In the summer, you will want to stay very close to the sea and take it easy.


A windsurfer or Hobie can be a wonderful way to relax for a day and many people bring down Skidoos and small boats. There is a free launch ramp on the south side of the harbor. Kite-surfing is becoming very popular – the best season for this is November through March when we have strong northerly winds.


You can find other things to do by looking at a fishing charter or rent an ATV. Note that shopping is very limited – unless you like buying T-shirts or pottery.


Take a look at our Things To Do page for more info.


kayaking on calm, warm Gulf of California waters.

The gentle gulf water in San Felipe leaves hundreds of yards of sandbars and pools at low tide. The shallow 60-degree water and mucky sand gives off a salty, sulfurous smell. Enjoy spying birds’ wet footprints as the breeze wrinkles the water’s surface in the fading light of a beautiful sunset.


Paddle along as you past indifferent pelicans and the boats of fishermen around the rocky bluffs. The glassy water glittered with sunlight, were the only sound might be the splash of your paddles. Relax in true San Felipe style and watch how the  sky and sea shift shades of blue and green.


If you enjoy scuba diving, you will want to go south of Puertecitos where there are rocky shores and the water is clear. In the San Felipe area, the water is generally turbid because of the silty/sandy bottom near shore. There are no cylinder filling facilities in San Felipe nor Kayak rentals at this time, so keep this in mind and bring the appropriate gear for your adventure.


The prime reason that most people come to San Felipe is to relax. Bring plenty of good friends and books with you and put your feet up.





Sportfishing in San Felipe

Fishing in the local waters of San Felipe ranges from good to excellent depending upon the season. December through March is the best time of year for sport fishing although each of the other seasons and months will produce an abundance of seasonal game fish to make most fishermen and women proud.


Whether you bring your own boat or rent the services of a local “Panguero” (whose rates are negotiable), you will find corvina the most prevalent of the local game fish. In addition, there is an abundance of white sea bass (in deeper water) as there is lisa (of the mackerel family), and cochito (triggerfish).


Fishing licenses are required for boat fishing (not shore fishing) and are checked by the local warden. Fishing licenses are sold in the Port Captain’s office at the local Marina. The cost per person is about $5.60 U.S. per day, $14 per week, and about $40 per year. Boat licenses cost about $23 per year.

Launching your own boat: there is a ramp at the harbor. Each launch or haul-out costs just a few dollars.

Real Estate Investing

While the US real estate market was still somewhat sluggish in 2012, things were picking up fast in Mexico.

With wage increases in China and Vietnam (as well as escalating shipping costs), outsourcing to the Far East isn’t as economically feasible as it once was, a situation that is forcing many companies to look closer to home. At the same time, retirees looking to make the most of their savings are considering relocation south of the border.

Mexico rode out the worldwide economic downturn better than many other countries and its real estate market never suffered on a level seen in the U.S. And while there was certainly excess inventory, that’s quickly being snatched up by bargain hunters. “2012 was a turning point,” said Gary Swedback, President of NAI Mexico.

Mexicali, among the 10 Hot Real Estate Investment Markets in Mexico

Situated on the US border, this city has a highly educated and skilled population. That educated workforce is particularly appealing to factories looking to set up operations in the country. Additionally, it’s two hours east of San Diego and just over four hours from Phoenix — meaning it’s a short drive and also has easy air access through U.S. airports.

As you well know San Felipe is located within the Mexicali municipality and with the recent opening of the new highway the transportation times and safety have increased considerably to a point of certainty.

Whether you choose Mexico as a destination to buy a second home to rent out when you are not here, if it’s near a vacation spot, or perhaps as part of your retirement plans, there are a number of factors to be considered.

We invite you to contact our local experts to assist you making the right choice and finding the solution that will bring you the most advantages over the years. Visit our Real Estate section and start the dialog today. Visit the Real Estate Section of San Felipe Business Pages.

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A Wonderful & Relaxing Vacation

If you really want to experience a wonderful, relaxing, vacation then the period from April through mid-June is the ideal time to come to San Felipe. The weather is guaranteed to be perfect and everyone is so much more at ease when the”semana santa” (spring break) crowds have gone.

We found an excellent article on called 10 Digital Detox Vacation Hacks To Help You Truly Unplug, Read on:

On our summer vacations this year (a time supposedly designated for resting and recharging), few Americans will actually leave their work and everyday digital distractions behind. According to a TeamViewer survey, 38 percent of Americans will read work-related emails while on vacation, and one in four will respond to work-related text messages.

But vacations should be a real break from our technology-saturated lives — not a time to Instagram beach photos or check work emails from a hotel room. Unplugging is one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being, and there’s no better time to do it than when you’re out of the office and enjoying your hard-earned days off.

On your next trip, try these 10 simple technology hacks to enjoy a blissfully smartphone-free vacation. Keep reading this article in its original form HERE >>