A Masterpiece of Life

Poetry by Marsha Newman

A poem inspired by the San Felipe sunrises.

Once again the sun sets the Sea of Cortez on fire. Magnificent hues of reds and golds scatter across the blue waters.

How blessed are we, who rise to the morning’s dew. Tomorrow may bring the glistening of raindrops dancing on the waves.

How blessed are we who capture the rainbows and hear the song of three little birds. Such simple gifts of nature go unseen, unheard, unappreciated.

Yet, for those eyes who capture the wonders which surround us daily, each day is a miracle, a new canvas, a masterpiece of life.

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At Home in San Felipe

Poetry by Marsha Newman



Home is where the heart is and my heart lies on the shores of the beautiful Sea of Cortez in a little fishing village called San Felipe.

A small town with a big heart, whose people open their arms, hearts, culture, & homes.

Where sharing and friendships come easy and dreams come true.

Where a walk on the Malecón is a meeting of old & new friends, a smell of comfort, and a view of eternity.

Many faces have come together to grow, love, and live to the tune of one people, one love.

A single heartbeat, beating in unison to create our “home sweet home,” a paradise under the sun.

Mañana may not mean tomorrow, but today there are “NO BAD DAYS”!

Read more of Marsha’s beautiful poetry in her new book, Still Blooming! Buy it HERE!

San Felo Poetry: Shifting Tides

The Sea of Cortez is such a focal point in San Felipe – its huge tide shifts, ever-changing color and rhythmic surf seems to adopt a variety of attitudes depending on the day. Here’s a piece of poetry by a local writer who expresses some of the joys of living by the Sea in San Felipe!

Shifting Tides


Over the dunes
Around the cove
A tidal pool glimmered
In the morning sun

The tide was out
Waiting to arrive
What jewels awaited
In the quiet pool

A sand dollar here
The tiny crab digging
A golden strand of hemp
From my mermaid’s locks

Like the tides
She would come and go
A slow soothing caress
Or loud and wild abandon

Now I look forward
To my walk by the sea
The shifting tides
What life holds for me