San Felipe Completes Second “La Gran Campana de Esterilizacion”

VIVA’s second spay clinic ,”La Gran Campana de Esterilizacion”, was held August 1-4 Over 120 surgeries were performed by Dr. Joaquin Villasenor. This was double the surgeries performed in the first clinic and a record by Dr. Villasenor who stayed an extra day to accommodate extra appointments. Spay clinics will be planned every 3 months throughout the year. The next clinic is planned for October. Please support VIVA’s ongoing efforts to raise funds for these affordable clinics by supporting their “Spay Is the Way” spay and neuter campaign.

With the success of the spay clinic and its outreach to the local Mexican community, respect for VIVA’s animal assistance efforts are resonating throughout the community. A volunteer shares: “I love to be able to drive through town with my head up (instead of looking out windows). SF has come a long, long way in 35 years… thanks to a whole lot of wonderful, caring people… and I am happy to be part of VIVA.”

Proudly, San Felipe is the home of many retired health professionals who eagerly share their medical knowledge at the clinics. With the outpouring of support, Dr. Joaquin Villasenor, who travels Mexico to champion spay and neutering, says that San Felipe can be the town that wins the battle over animal overpopulation. “San Felipe can do it.”

For more information on how you can become a VIVA volunteer and support the “Spay Is the Way” campaign and other events, please call Barbara Bagileo at 686-193-2167 or 707-280-6292. You can email

Be part of the hopeful solution.





VIVA News: Small World, Great World For Alex With Blue Eyes

Our reflex for kindness has invisible possibilities.

alex crazy

Last fall, a VIVA volunteer came to the aid of a dog in his neighborhood tied to a tree. He was tied by a 3’ leash for months and was in need of immediate care. Responsibly surrendered by his Mexican owners, the dog was fostered by the volunteer and became part of the VIVA network of adoptable pets. His name was Alex. He had marvelously blue eyes.

After several months of socialization, Alex was ready to find his forever home and was entered into VIVA’s Petfinders adoption network. After all, he was perfectly loving and truly a beauty. In a few weeks, a wonderful couple from San Diego, Branden and Kelly Knorr, saw his photo on Petfinders and the adoption was in the works. Once dropped off at their home and the adoption complete, the volunteer who transported him to his forever home asked the couple, why this dog? They said that Branden had lost his brother in a car accident a year ago. His name was Alex and his eyes were blue.


Alex now lives in a loving forever home with Paisley, another Baja rescue, and a cat. He can be seen rolling around in play or nestled in a nap. He appears to be right at home as if he was meant to return in some mysteriously loving way to a family that has always loved him. This adoption is a true love story.

Thank you Branden, Kelly and Alex.


VIVA News: Spay Clinic on August 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th

VIVA’s second “Spay Clinic” will be held Thursday through Sunday August 1, 2, 3 and 4th from 9-3pm. Dr. Joaquin Villaseñor, a visiting vet, will be spaying 100 local female dogs*. This service is to support local Mexicans needing financial help in the sterilization of their pet. The cost to them is only 100 pesos. Non-Mexicans interested in the service must pay the full price of $18 or 225 pesos (still a huge discount!)

Spay and neuter poster august copy

This service is by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call 686-134-9683, 686-142-7033 or 686- 577-2944 to speak to a bilingual volunteer to make your appointment. You can also visit the VIVA Segunda or visit Fundación San Felipe Unidos Por La Educatión Mar de Cortez 123.

Please encourage your Mexican neighbors of this fantastic service which will improve the health of their pet and the community. *Cats and males will not be refused surgeries.

This clinic is provided courtesy of the “Day At The Casino” fundraising event. Your generosity and community awareness made this happen.

Can San Felipe Help this Family?

For the past few weeks, efforts have been made to help a local family in San Felipe going through a very difficult time. This family is just up the road from Campo Ocotillo, at Kilometer 187, going towards town. The mother, Inez, has cancer in her body and lungs that has spread from uterine cancer.  She is bed ridden for the most part.  Her husband, Alberto has had to stop working to care for her and their two girls (ages 8 and 12).  They have no family here and due to no work they have no social security.

A photo from the Jollymon Fundraiser. Alberto is on the right with his daughter, Abril, Issac Diaz, Jackie and Susie (L to R) helped organize the fundraiser.

A photo from the Jollymon Fundraiser. Alberto is on the right with his daughter, Abril, Issac Diaz, Jackie and Susie (L to R) helped organize the fundraiser.

A fundraiser held at the Jollymon raised 4731 pesos to help the family, but they are still very much in need.

Besides money they need everyday things such as:

  • Dish Soap
  • Fruit and Veggies
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Laundry Soap
  • Distilled Water (it’s what the Mom has to drink)
  • Clorox
  • Milk
  • Corn Flakes
  • Cookies (for the Mom…and chocolate is good)
  • Tooth Paste
  • White Bimbo Bread
  • Shampoo
  • Diapers for Mom
  • Maybe clothes

Two of volunteers from Casa de Fe were able to come up with enough money for them to get the older girl the graduation uniform for her graduation.  The little girl and the dad cried. They are very sweet people and could very much use a helping hand in this difficult time. If you are interested in helping or donating some of the items that they need, please get in touch with Susie. (Click link to open email.)


Susie and Issac at the Jollymon fundraiser for this family.


VIVA News – Adopt a Playful Friend

Leila friendLeila Is Active, Playful and Smart

Age: 2-3 yrs Breed: Border Collie/AussieX
Gender: Female (spayed)
Size: Large – 55 lbs
Good with Kids: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Dogs: Yes

Leila from her looks and temperament is all border collie with a splattering of Aussie. She is
active, playful, smart and loving and would be the perfect companion dog. She is one of our
favorite walkers and is learning the leash and basic commands very quickly. Bred to be a
working dog, Leila would love to work on having fun with you. If you would like to meet this
playful and smart pooch, contact Judy at 686-162-6213 or email

Fundraiser for Eli at Rosita’s Restaurant

Eli Martinez is a 9 year old school boy, living in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. He has recently spent most of his time in a wheel chair. Diagnosed with a herniated disc in his back, the wheel chair relieves some of the pain. The government of Mexico will provide the operation to repair Eli’s back. However, there are 2 items needed to support the surgery that must be paid for separately.


Eli arrives at the Fundraiser

Volunteers Without Limits is providing a special belt to be worn during the recovery period. There is a piece of operation room equipment that the hospital does not provide. This equipment lease costs about $750 US.

On April 29th, San Felipe United, a local philanthropic group, presented a benefit to raise the $750.  A group of generous individuals and companies sponsored the event to help this young boy. They are: San Felipe Storage, Rosita’s Restaurant, the Ascoloni Family, San Felipe Disposal, San Felipe Metal & Wood, Mariscos La Morena, La Vaquita, YetMail, Copy Centro, Pete’s Camp, The Diner, Ivan Stewart, Samisa Refrigeracion, My San, and Sierra – Tacos & More.

Eli Fundraiser at Rosita's Restaurant

Eli Fundraiser at Rosita’s Restaurant

This benefit was a serious musical jam, and a great crowd showed up to listen to the live music and entertainment. Almost all the local San Felipe professional musicians contributed their talent for Eli. The musicians were: Sam Grubb, Agave Blues, Denny Flannigan, The Baja Boys and Lady Susan, Tom & Marge Scott, Alan Mayhoff, Rick Rudd, Issac Diaz and Jesse Jani. See all the photos of the event HERE >>.

The jam was at Rosita’s Restaurant on Monday April 29, and had a great turnout. Donations for Eli were accepted at the benefit, and we will have PayPal in a month. If you wish to contribute now, send a check and Terry will see that Eli gets it.

Terry Van Arsdale
P.O. Box 9019
Calexico, CA

Desert Mothers Fused Glass Workshop

On Wednesday May 8th, why not head down to Desert Mothers to try out their latest workshop project: creating fused glass jewelry! This is a great opportunity to create your own unique jewelry with a personal story behind it of how you made it and supported San Felipe while doing it. The pieces you create would be the perfect, meaningful gift for a friend, or simply a remarkable treat to yourself. The workshop will be on from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM at the Desert Mothers building beside the Justice Center in Downtown San Felipe. The cost of the class will be 40 Dollars or $480 Pesos. Call or email Donna Roberts to reserve a spot, at 01 686-169-5267, or – See you there!

 Fused Glass Flyer-San Felipe

VIVA’s Spay and Neuter Results!

Vet 1VIVA successfully completed its first spay and neuter clinic “La Gran Campaña de Esterilización” on April 11th and 12th. It was the first joint venture between Mexican Veterinary Specialist Joaquin Villaseñor and local animal assistance group VIVA—Volunteers for Indigent and Vulnerable Animals. Over 50 surgeries were performed for the pets of local Mexicans. This clinic exemplifies the partnership of Mexicans and local advocacy groups to solve the problem of animal overpopulation in Mexican towns.

Highly impressed with VIVA’s choice to spay FEMALES ONLY, Villaseñor congratulates VIVA for its focus and fairness. He and VIVA recognize that, with limited funds, spaying females is the smartest choice to minimize animal overpopulation. San Felipe- out of all the communities that he performs these clinics- is the first area to take that bold direction. The local San Felipe community responded with a strong and supportive turnout. Many dedicated VIVA volunteers aided in surgical preparation and recovery. It was beautiful to experience human helping animal. “Bienestar Animal Somos Todos.”

Fun Times With Tootie and the Gals

Toto adoption 72Tootie and the Gals were back for another fabulous show to raise money for VIVA. As usual, it was a packed house with screaming fans. Tootie and her gals are strong supporters of helping animals in need and generously come back every year to help in VIVA’s efforts. One of the gals went home with a cute little puppy which she named “Toto”. The event was a successful opportunity to raise money for VIVA’s animal assistance work as well as to adopt out dogs, cats and puppies. Several lucky dogs and cats found their forever homes. Thank you Tootie and the Gals!