What A Great Day!

2014 Christmas Food Giveaway - San Felipe Lions Club


At our December 4 meeting, we were contemplating if we were going to do our Christmas food run or not. There was some concern with Cuchi being gone. With only 2 weeks to prepare, Adam Borja said he would do it.

Owner of Food store

Adam spent days driving around SF making maps, getting names, and checking out the overall situation for each family.


He made contact with Fruteria Tania’s Market (old Hipon) located in los Arcos. The owner Luis Pacheco sold us the bags of food at a discounted price, Each bag weighed about 35 to 40 lbs. They bagged all of the groceries and put a sign and bow on each bag.


“Donated by the San Felipe Lions Club” Marry Christmas! (In Spanish)

A Special Thank you to Luis Pacheco, Adam Borja and all of Adam’s Elf’s. Ralph Conner, Charles Almack, Dennis Nyberg, Ray & Bev Mostowy, Dick Cadger & Wayne Shafer.

What A Great Day!

San Felipe Lions Club.

San Felipe’s Community Creativity Center Is Opening

San Felipe’s Community Creativity Center will be opening at 1025 Mar de Cortez on December 20th. A grand opening celebration will be held December 20th from 1-5 pm, so make sure to go by and see this latest addition to San Felipe!

Donna Roberts, director of the project shares her feelings on the new Center, and information on the classes that will be held there:

We will open for classes in January 2014. I am excited by the outstanding instructors who have graciously agreed to work with the Center and making it the place for art, music, and self-improvement in San Felipe. The quality of our artists is the best in San Felipe. I want to personally thank each of you. It is your talents that will make us a success.


Luis Cogley – Oil and Acrylic painting. Tuesdays 2-5 pm. Price: $10.00 per hour. Must provide own materials.
Irene Cogley – Piano Lessons. Monday & Thursday 4-5 pm. Price: $500 pesos per month.
Spanish Dance. Tuesday & Friday 4-5:30 pm. Price: $60 pesos per class.
Jose Rascon – Mosaics. January 12th. 10-6. Price: $30.00 plus cost of materials.
Connie Coats – Glass etching. January 13th. 2-4 pm. Price: $10.00 plus cost of materials.
Diane Ebner – Gourd Design. January 20th. 10-4 pm. Price: $25.00 plus materials.
Cathy Rhodes – Ceramics. January 23rd. 10-5 pm. Price: $35.00 plus cost of materials.
Desert Mothers – Custom Tiles. January 26th. 10-2 pm. Price: $20.00 plus cost materials.
Nancy Murphy – Leather design. January 31st. 12–4 pm. Price: 20.00 plus cost of materials.

February Classes:

We will continue to bring you outstanding opportunities in learning new skills and furthering existing skills. Look for iron working (metal tables), yard art, leather design, water colors, jewelry, English and Spanish classes, knitting, rug making, and many other exciting classes.

Art is an ongoing learning process; very few of us are born with natural talents. Please join us and enrich your life.


Donations Needed for the Underprivileged in San Felipe

The Better Together in Christ group of San Felipe has been helping the underprivileged in the San Felipe community for over seven years now. Their mission is to help those in need with minor home repairs, appliances, plumbing needs and other creature comforts. For the last two years they have also been instrumental in bringing vision care here, through their Eye Project.
They currently assist many people regularly, and sometimes develop needs they try to fill. Below is a list of some things they hope others with a heart could donate for their care receivers:

  • Twin size mattress and box springs (A bed frame for it would be good too)
  • Couch – Full-size
  • Washing machine – working
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Jackets – Men’s and Women’s

If you can donate any of these items, please contact them at or by calling (686) 202-7824 or 202-7840.


Also, mark your calendars for a fabulous Art Show fundraiser! Better Together is having a fund raising art show on Saturday, November 16th 10am – 4pm on the El Dorado Ranch.
Where: Mobley Casa
Directions: Take Saltito Road (at the Pemex Station) and after Security Station go west to Los Medanos North sign, turn Right and immediately jog left onto access road. Go two streets west and turn right at Puerto Pichalingue. It’s the second house on your right.

If you are not an EDR resident, tell security at the main gate that you are going to the “Mobley Art Show”.

San Felipe Has a New Cancer Support Group

On October 9th, San Felipe’s first Cancer Support Group meeting came together at the new San Felipe Cancer Society location, in the Canaco building on Chetumal.

San Felipe's New Cancer Support Group

The First San Felipe Cancer Support Group

The meeting, which lasted a little over an hour, was held to help support San Felipe men and women whose lives have been affected by cancer. 20 current patients of the Cancer Society attended the meeting where Dra. Norma Contrares De La Madrid discussed the importance of proper nutrition, and Wendy Doman offered her services as a holistic healer to meet with patients bimonthly. The program was coordinated by Cancer Society clinic administrator Lic. Edith Fuentes Castillas.

The Cancer Society hopes to hold the Support Groups once a month, for an hour, to provide a place for people to ask questions, get informed, share their stories and find support.

Call the Clinic at 577-0280 for more information. You can also visit the Clinic during their office hours of 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Donations to help fund projects like this as well as the treatment and detection of cancer in San Felipe are always hugely appreciated! The Cancer Society thanks you for your support!

The people who made the Support Group happen!

The people who made the Support Group happen!

Also, an extra big thank you goes out to Rafael Navarro for his donation of $500 to the San Felipe Cancer Society at this year’s Pete’s Camp Poker Run!

Desert Mothers News: San Felipe’s New Community Creativity Center

Since the opening of Desert Mothers we have had the dream of opening up the center to everyone: Men, Women, children Mexicans, Americans, residences, visitors, young and old. It is time that everyone has the same opportunities that Desert Mothers has enjoyed for years. Everyone should benefit from all the wonderful equipment that we have received and acquired. It is not fair only part of our community gets the benefits and the chance to grow and find new aspects of ourselves. Many experts agree that releasing your creative self is one of the most important parts of our personal journey.

Time to Get Creative San Felipe!

Time to Get Creative San Felipe!

Desert Mothers will continue as it is now. We are adding the Creativity Center for all of the San Felipe community. Our focus is the arts, but it will be a place for coming together to enhance our lives in many ways. We will have available space to learn many forms of art: including ceramics, mosaics, masks (sand and glass), furniture, metal art, jewelry, sewing, tile, glass fusing and glass etching. We also plan to provide art classes for children. Where else can you create your own mosaics, using your own custom made tiles.

In addition, we will have space available for individuals who want to offer classes for self-improvement. This could include Yoga, meditation, dancing, nutrition, exercise classes, book clubs, games, spiritual guidance, etc. You are only limited by your imagination.

We have space and equipment for the talented people of our town to share with others and add to their income. We have so many talented people living and visiting here and our hope is to become one of the largest Artist Communities in Baja.

Our goal is to provide a very special place for all of us and the community to share fun and friendship and build relationships between the different cultures. Let’s all work together and create a center where we can share our creative talents and explore our imaginations. Come join us and share the dream of making San Felipe a great Art destination.

Contact: Donna Roberts San Felipe 52-686-576-0089 or Sandi Flannigan 52-686-688-0022

¡Si San Felipe! Photo Contest – Fun and Prizes for a Good Cause

San Felipe has always been a spectacular model for the camera – with its sunrises and sunsets streaked in color, to the stark contrast of desert against sea, to events that spring to life in photos, and more, there is no shortage of things to shoot that capture San Felipe.

Now, as a project to promote San Felipe as well as raise funds for several associations in San Felipe that work to improve quality of life, Reluctant Fundraiser is running a Photo Contest to collect images for ¡Sí, San Felipe!, A Photo Essay of Our Town, a book that will try to capture some of San Felipe’s spirit in its pages.

Get your best photos together and send them in!

Get your best photos together and send them in!

Susan Young, creator of Reluctant Fundraiser answers some questions on how you can  enter the contest and be a part of this great project:

How can I enter the photo contest?
You can submit your photos by attaching them to the entry form.  Fill out the form with your name, email and website if you have one then  click on the “choose file” buttons, find your photo on your computer and select upload.

What kinds of photos can I enter?
Send in your shots that highlight San Felipe and what makes it special. We can accept any standard image format but recommend jpg or png as this will keep file size lower and be easier to upload.

Are there any Prizes?
There will be cash prizes awarded to the top three photos.  $100 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd place and $25 for 3rd place.

Is there a fee to enter?
The $10 entry fee has been waived for the first 10 photos submitted by each contestant.  Additional photos may be submitted for a small fee of $10.

When is the deadline?
The deadline for photo submission is October 31, 2013.

Find out more and enter the contest Here!

So get busy and send in your snaps for a great cause, a lot of fun and a chance at prizes!

VIVA News: Food and Donation Drive

It is the hot summer and very desperate times for our street animals. We are in desperate need of food donations! This urgent plea for Funds For Food is so that we may continue to feed our street animals and the animals in our care.

Please consider purchasing a bag of pet food the next time you are in the states. Our Segunda eagerly accepts any and all pet food and cash donations for this cause. Visit our Donate page to see our easy Paypal donation options.

stray dog

Desert Mothers Needs Your Support!

The women of Desert Mothers are coping with robbery and loss at their home store. Months of work were lost and the store was trashed. This was a low blow and very costly for the ladies.  Their income is generated by what they sell and the women of Desert Mothers have tried valiantly to be independent and self-sustaining.  Desert Mothers has stood on its own for the last 18 months and has not had a benefit or fundraiser. They raise money for projects with workshops and selling their goods. Due to this robbery, they are unable to attend the scheduled shows, which is how Desert Mothers makes its money.

It is with great sadness they are asking you for help.  

They need:

  • Small Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Florescent Light fixtures
  • Shelving
  •     Or cash to purchase the above.
  •     Volunteers to help repair the damage and paint

A big thank you goes out to our landlords representative, Jim & Shirley Moore for agreeing to secure our windows and doors.  

For information please email Sandi Flannigan at or call Donna Roberts at 576-0089.

Desert Mothers 
PO Box  9011 #1327
Calexico, CA