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Notes and information about San Felipe’s local economy.

Housing Related Expenditures

In this report on the cost of living in San Felipe we bring you a few examples of long term rental rates in the downtown area.

Prices vary from renter to renter but roughly this are accurate figures.

Downtown away from the beach

– Small house or apartment, 1 to 2 bedrooms, semi furnished, 1 parking space…Starting at 2,500 pesos a month.

Downtown a few blocks from beach

– Small house or apartment, 1 to 2 bedrooms, semi furnished, 1 parking space…Starting at 3,000 pesos a month.

Downtown – Playas San Felipe

– Small house 1 to 2 bedrooms, furnished or not, 1 to 2 parking spaces, near the beach…Starting at 400 dollars a month.

La Ventana del Mar at El Dorado Ranch

– Rental condos away from beachstarting at 500 a month

If you are looking to rent a place for long term use, it is possible and recommended to make a written agreement so you assure the rate and terms remain the same during the time of your contract.

You can find great places by searching on listings from trustworthy companies and individuals. Visit the Real Estate section of the Business Pages >>


More on the cost of living in San Felipe soon.



5 Tacos You Need to Order in San Felipe. Each one for a dollar or less !

San Felipe is renowned for its tacos, even making the Newsweek 101 Best Places to Eat List. But there are several different kinds of tacos you can order in San Felipe, and different restaurants and taco stands in certain areas specialize in different kinds. Here’s a quick look at the 5 tacos you can’t miss in San Felipe:


  1. Shrimp Taco – Taco de Camaron

    These little bundles of deliciousness are the preferred shrimp dish of many San Felipeans. Served up incredibly fresh, you can have them breaded or unbreaded (sin empanizar) Where to get them: Restaurants and stands along San Felipe’s Malecon.

  2. Fish Taco – Taco de Pescado

    If you were only to eat one thing in San Felipe, it should be a fish taco, seeing as they were first created in San Felo. While it’s not the most extravagant culinary contribution, there’s no denying that the humble fish taco is full of flavor, especially when the fish has come straight from the Sea of Cortez. Where to get them: Restaurants and stands along San Felipe’s Malecon and Mar de Cortez street

  3. Beef Taco – Taco de Carne

    If you’re in the mood for something a little meatier, the answer is, well, a meat taco. Tacos de Carne are filled with diced, seasoned steak (yum!), then you’ll be able to add a variety of toppings (fresh salsa, guacamole, lime, chopped cabbage, spicy carrots, et al) Where to get them: Late-night taco stands along Chetumal.

  4. Shaved Pork Taco – Taco al Pastor

    These tacos are not only good enough to have you going back again (and again) for more, but the cooking and serving method are somewhat remarkable. The pork marinated and is placed on an upright rotisserie to slowly cook. When you order a taco al pastor, thin slices of the pork will be shaved off the rotisserie for your taco. The unique flavors are not to be missed.  – Where to get them: You can find tacos al pastor on the Malecon, or at taco stands along Chetumal.

  5. Chicken Taco – Taco de Pollo

    If you’re craving a bit of bird instead, you can get diced chicken tacos. Specially seasoned, these taste divine with plenty of guacamole and a splash of salsa! Where to get them: Taco stands along Chetumal.

It’s not San Felipe without tacos! Make your next night out on the town a taco night!

Taco de Carne

Taco de Carne


The Battle for Convenience

7 eleven VS Oxxo

As the of convenience stores deployment rate began to growth back in 2010, we saw how the Oxxo chain toke the market by storm. Currently a new player is placing new cards on the table.

Aside from the Calimax and Bodega Aurrera recent openings, now we are fast approaching the opening of two new 7-Eleven stores. One will be located in the building that use to house the Beach Comber by the Malecon.

Other is being built from scratch in the corner where a restaurant called Bluevolution use to be located.

And their old store by the gas station on airport road has been completely revamped.

New jobs are being created and the consumers will see their options multiply as they vacation in town this year. In the other hand the local store owners are facing competition as never before and are being forced to increase their quality and lower their prices.

Cost of Living in San Felipe

Curious about the Grocery Shopping in San Felipe? On a visit to a local grocery store we found these prices for some common items you might buy in San Felipe. 


Current Gasoline Prices:


Magna [leaded] $10.05 pesos – $0.75 USD/Liter


Premium [unleaded] $10.56 – $0.79 USD/Liter



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