Local Economy

Notes and information about San Felipe’s local economy.

San Felipe Economic Development Council New Board of Directors

On August 1, the term of the Board of Directors of the former CDESF concluded, that board was headed by Nepo Rodriguez as Treasurer, Ervey Franco as Secretary and Roberto Ledon as President.

In a democratic way, through our Call for Extraordinary Assignment meeting held at the facilities of COTUCO San Felipe, to whom we thank for their support and hospitality, the new Board of Directors was elected by the members of the Council for the period 2017-2019.

The boars is now integrated as follows:

President: Jim Ingegno
Secretary: Maritza Ramirez
Treasurer: Rafael Navarro

The new board has the most clear and determined commitment of Working for the Development of our Community and local Economy, always in coordination and with the support of the 3 orders of Government.

The Council of Economic Development San Felipe aims to continue promoting and the growth and work for a better quality of Life for the locals and a robust economy for businesses to thrive.

End of Season at Galeria Unica


Is “End of Season at Galeria Unica” and Artist Rosario invites you to visit his place, now running this season’s exhibits for the last days.



Open from 8am to 4 pm everyday of the week from October to May.



Plan ahead, add Galería Unica to your agenda in the month of May in San Felipe. It’s a place worth the visiting.



Stone Carved Sculptures, paintings, unique jewelry designs, wooden objects and more.



Cooper based Jewelry with stone inserts.



Power canes combining quartz rock and other materials. Galeria Unica is located by the highway at the Ejido Plan Nacional Agrario in San Felipe, Baja California.

Follow Galeria Unica on facebook >>

San Felipe Bread and More


We were very happy to visit San Felipe Bread and More where they greatly surprised us with the variety and quality of their products.


Rod and Cher Winchell have established a great bakery business in San Felipe.


A passion for their craft and attention to the detail is evident all over.


A place where customers feel at home.


As they taught us, it all started with a mission to create Sourdough.


They are open Wednesday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PMSaturday at the swap meet from 7 AM to 10:30, then at the bakery from 11 AM to 12:30 PM


Located at Hwy 5, Kilometer 182. Just one block from Buckaroo Burgers. Sign is visible from the road. Visit their website to learn more about this great project >>. At San Felipe Bread and More we all can enjoy their take on Artisan Breads, Sweet Treats, Proprietary Spice Blends and more : )

Buckaroo Burgers

Mouth Watering Burgers That Fill You Up!




11:00 to 3:00


11:00 – 5:00

Bob and Pattie are so ready to take your order.

House Specialty on Thursdays only:
Patty Melt with Fries, Beef patty, Swiss Cheese, Grilled Onions with Bacon mix on Toasted Jewish Rye.
>> Be sure to check out our Internationally famous Chili Cheese Fries.

The BEST little burger place in Baja!


Buckaroo Burgers: Mouth Watering Burgers That Fill You Up!

Across from Campo Ocotillos. On the highway KM 182. 686-114-6607

San Felipe, Baja California, MEXICO


New Businesses Open Doors


Located on highway 5 north of town, La Taza cafe has open a new store where you can find the nice flavors and service you already know them for. You also have access to PM Architectural firm and Village Realty offices in the same place.


And right in the heart of down town, Viva Animal Advocates have a new second hand store. You will find them at Plaza Canela in Mar de Cortéz south just a few steps from Sun Runner Mail services.


Help them continue with their animal rescue activities!

New businesses open doors in town more often than we think and we will be bringing you updates as they become available. Do you have a new business in San Felipe you want to let people know about? Contact Us >>

New Businesses in San Felipe

The rate at which new businesses in San Felipe open has continued showing a positive trend, although slower compared to the same period last year.

~ For those looking for purified water stores in downtown, a new company is offering their take on this service, Agua Purificada – Mar de Cortés. Conveniently located on Chetumal street, just 1 block east from La Vaquita market.


They make it easy to get jugs sanitized and refilled in a brief time for 9 pesos.


~ And offering a taste of authentic Cuban flavor, the Habanos Cigar Shop is now open.


Store located at the end of Chetumal street by the Malecon. Thank you for your interest about new businesses in San Felipe.

November Gas and Propane Prices

San Felipe November Gas and Propane Prices

San Felipe November Gas and Propane Prices.

pemex_gasolinas.gifThese are the prices you will be paying for gas and the estimated for propane during November in San Felipe.

Gas prices per liter starting November 1

San Felipe exchange rate: 13 pesos x 1 dollar

pemex Magna per liter

Pesos = $13.22 / USD $1.01

pemex Premium per liter

Pesos = $14.00 / USD $1.07

pemex Diesel per liter

Pesos = $13.83 / USD $1.06

Propane prices expected for the state of Baja California during November.

Propane prices have been raising at a 1 peso per month rate for a long while now.

Prices fluctuate depending on which region of Baja California you are located and each of the providers.

Liquified Petroleum

10 kgs cylinder = $136.10 – $137.60 / US $10.58 max.

20 kgs cylinder = $272.20 – $275.20 / US $21.16 max.

30 kgs cylinder = $408.30 – $412.80 / US $31.75 max.

45 kgs Tank = $612.45 – $619.20 / US $47.63 max.

Price by kilo = $13.61 – $13.76 / US $1.05 max.

Price by liter = $7.35 – $7.43 / US $0.57 max.

 More on prices of utilities and first necessity items soon.


New Businesses and Some Price Listings

A new pharmacy has opened in town right next to the bank in Mar de Cortez street. The new establishment belongs to the Guadalupana Pharmacy chain which specializes in natural health remedies, traditional medicines and personal hygiene.

Now take a look at some examples of prices on first necessity items available in town:

Example items:

Prices are in pesos, current rate 13.20 per dollar in Mainland Mexico and only 12.10 per dollar in San Felipe.

1 (32 OZ) Bag of Pure Cane Sugar:  $37.o5

1 pack of Chamomille Tea: $16.15

1 small pouch of tuna: $17.00

1 Pack of Frito Lay: $22.33

1 Small can of Chiles: $6.00

1 Liter of Soy milk: 24.50

1 Roll of Kirkland paper towels: 30.00

CURRENT GASOLINE PRICES IN TOWN (at 13.10 per dollar):

A Galon of Leaded Gas: $51.80 pesos – $3.95 USD

A Galon of Unleaded Gas: $54.68 pesos – $4.17 USD

A Galon of Diesel: $54.00 pesos – $4.12 USD


With a few exceptions your dollar automatically losses 1 peso or more in most Mexican establishments in this town.

Be wise: Exchange your dollars in Mexicali and fill up your tank in Calexico!!!