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Enthusiastic Chefs “Stir” Up The Menu at The Pavilion

Centavo’s Two Cents

I am learning that everything takes a little bit of time to measure up to personal expectations.

For instance…if I want a tan I have to work on it, you know, get the notion, the lotion and the drive to lie out in the sun.

Nine years of living in San Felipe has brought many ideas into my head of what I thought I needed. In terms of meals, my expectations have risen to culinary heights. The food here is delicious and sometimes unbelievably good. Walk down any street and you will find what you are craving.

This is a town where recipe items must travel great distances. A head of lettuce has seen many miles before it lands in a salad here.

If you want a pizza the cheese is imported. In fact, everything on the pizza is imported.

Eating out is a pleasure for our townspeople and our tourists.
You can buy a fabulous meal off a street cart. You can eat in a restaurant and feel special.

I have often thought about how difficult it must be for a chef here in our village. They must order their supplies in advance, and may end up having to discard precious produce and food.

The Pavilion at El Dorado Ranch recently hired a young chef from Ensenada. This was a perfect opportunity for me to find out about the secrets of keeping everything fresh.

The texture, the aroma and the presentation of the food…all of these issues have gone through many changes at the Pavilion. Every chef hired there brought their own recipes and particular style… to the table …so to speak!

This restaurant serves the public and the El Dorado residents.
It is located on the golf course where the dining room and patios have views of the ocean. Very nice.

When I went to interview the head chef he had brought along his sous chef. I thought it was generous and kind of him.

Joshua Caleb Cazarez Rodriguez, as head chef, has the responsibility of overseeing 13 kitchen employees. He has been at the Pavilion for eleven months.

Julio Cesar Saveedra Gonzales is the sous chef. He is dressed meticulously in chef white and is smiling with diligence.

Joshua (orJosh) is dressed in black and speaks perfect English. Julio struggles to understand. Josh will interpret my questions for him so that he can be part of the interview. This impresses me.

Both men found their love of food preparation through their families. Josh studied with a top chef in Ensenada and spoke of this man and his talents with great respect. Julio worked with his family making pizza as a boy.

I have watched the ebb and flow of this restaurant for years.
Uniforms mean business and it was a pleasure to see that the Pavilion’s chefs are proud to wear the uniforms that define them.

In eleven months Josh has found his niche. He runs an expert kitchen and finds joy in teaching his workers how a restaurant should operate.

Food is an art form and both these men understand that.
Their plate presentations have a flair of elegance and fun.
I am not surprised that the food is delicious, generous and varied here. There is always something different to be served because these chefs continue to challenge themselves. Those who dine at the Pavilion are lucky for that.

There is a daily stream of trucks bringing food items to our town…and to the Pavilion. Josh and Julio accept the groceries that will be someone’s next meal. For this, the kitchen must be well ordered and clean. Food preparations are made with attention to health requirements. Josh makes sure that his kitchen is organized and time effective.

It is challenging and nerve racking. It is something they love.

San Felipe can entice many people to venture out into the food “unknown”.

The Pavilion is stirring things up. Josh and Julio make sure you will come back and try something that you didn’t even know you wanted. All good!

Centavo’s Wise Words: “Are you going to eat that?”

March Madness At Smoking JO’s

March Madness
All day every day through the month of MARCH
Your choice
2 Ribs, Beans n Coleslaw

2 Pork Sliders, Beans n Coleslaw

$4.50 / 90 Pesos

A Great Taco – Inspired by San Felipe!

Look familiar?

photo 3

If you live in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah or Colorado, you may have had a little taste of San Felipe without even knowing it. The Rubio’s restaurant chain, was inspired by a San Felipe taco, literally. The chain’s founder, Ralph Rubio visited our seaside town back in 1974, when he was a student at San Diego State, and made the fantastic choice of San Felipe as a spring break getaway.A Great Taco – Inspired by San Felipe!

A Great Taco – Inspired by San Felipe!

It was here that he picked up a fresh-from-the-Sea-of-Cortez fish taco, en-robed in a soft, warm tortilla and adorned with fresh salsa, lime juice, mayo and crisp cabbage, took a bite out of it and found his life forever changed. That may be a little dramatic, but it’s true that he returned home with taco fever. On a later trip to San Felo, he made sure to pick up a recipe for a delicious taco de pescado, and the dream to open up a fish taco restaurant continued to grow. In 1983, he and his dad bought an old restaurant and the first Rubio’s Fish Tacos was born, bringing a taste of San Felipe to San Diego.

photo 5

A Great Taco – Inspired by San Felipe!

Nowadays, the chain has grown to a huge scale, and you may well have had your first fish taco at a Rubio’s. However, there’s still nothing like the original, so make sure that you order up a plate of fresh fish tacos at one of San Felipe’s many little taco stands or restaurants on your next visit!

A Great Taco – Inspired by San Felipe!

San Felipe Tamale Fest 2013 Winners

San Felipe’s annual Tamale Festival, put on by the Rotary Club of San Felipe, sold out this year, as residents of San Felipe made sure to get their tamale fix for the season. Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as People’s Choice of the Tamal creations!

First Place Winner - Irma Lopez La Madrid

First Place Winner – Irma Lopez La Madrid

Second Place Winner - Patricia Orozco

Second Place Winner – Patricia Orozco

Third Place Winners Tied - between Rosa Mendez and Indina Perez

Third Place Winners Tied – between Rosa Mendez and Indina Perez

People's Choice Winners - Maria Elena Lopez and Mayra Ulloa

People’s Choice Winners – Maria Elena Lopez and Mayra Ulloa

The Festival had to end early due to completely selling out of Tamales! Great work for this year, and make sure to go early next year to get all the tamales you need!


Cerveza Cucapá – Chupacabras Pale Ale


Demand it at your local 7/11! they are supposed to have a section on their fridges carrying Mexican craft beer on each store. And if you haven’t tried it yet, please go ahead and give it a try today.



Chupacabras beer by Cervecería Cucapá, a succesful brewery located in Mexicali, Baja California.
To learn more about Cervezas Cucapá you can visit them HERE >>

Cool Down with a Chilly Mojito!

The hot, humid Baja summer makes refreshing drinks a necessity, and while we’re technically at the beginning of fall, the warm days are lingering. One of the best beverages to cool you down might be the mojito. Made with fresh mint and lime, it adds the perfect little chill to a hot day.

Icy Mojito by Miamism

Icy Mojito – photo by Miamism

Several bars around San Felipe can mix up this tasty beverage, and if you’d like to mix up a glass for yourself, you can use this recipe:

  • Mix half sugar and half water to create a simple syrup.
  • Place 6-10 mint leaves in a glass and add 6 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice and 6-8 tablespoons of the syrup. Use a muddler to gently crush the mint leaves and release their oil and flavour.
  • Add ice cubes to the glass and pour 1.5 fluid ounces of white rum over the ice.
  • Add sparkling water to fill the glass to the top.
  • Garnish with a mint leave and lime wedge.

Enjoy your refreshment in a glass!

Tall, Cool and Refreshing! - photo by Flickr User TheCulinaryGeek

Tall, Cool and Refreshing! – photo by  TheCulinaryGeek

Great Location, Delicious Food


San Felipe Marina Resort & Spa offers a very complete menu in its restaurant for the joy of tourists and our local crowd as well. Opening every day except Tuesdays, El Secreto Restaurant and La Palapa have you covered with great quality meals in a priviledge beachfront location.

We invite you to come and taste our excellent Sunday Brunch with extended hours, 7 am until 1pm.

Make of El Secreto your preferred restaurant in town.


 A great place to find a delicious Sunday brunch, enjoy healthy breakfasts, have a meeting over coffee or eat a splendid lunch.

The Sweet Spot Restaurant Has Re-opened!

This past weekend saw the grand re-opening of the Sweet Spot kitchen, complete with brand-new menus, prices and flair.


Welcome to the Sweet Spot

Nestled back on the San Felipe Malecon, you can still sit outside at a table or at the bar and take in the sea and the passer-by. You can also dine indoors, in the air conditioning, and play a few rounds on the pool table.  Plus, TVs are mounted both inside and outside at the sports bar so you can keep up with the game no matter where you’re seated.


Come on in!

Food is down-home comfort-style cooking, with a Southern influence. Indulge in an appetizer of buffalo chicken wings or chicken kabobs. Dig into a pulled pork or beef brisket sandwich for lunch, or order up a filet mignon or rack of ribs for a memorable dinner. Also, word has it that the french fries are a must-try item.


Malecon Sea-side View!

Pay a visit and check out the new menu yourself!

Flavors of the 3rd Ceviche Fest

This year’s Ceviche Fest did not disappoint as chefs from various restaurants around town, as well as special guest chef Javier Placencia, dished up some delicious servings of this flavorful fare.


Chef Rigoberto Romo form ROSITA restaurant

On Saturday, chairs were filled with locals and visitors, mingling and chatting about their favorite ceviche contender, the beautiful San Felipe day and catching up on the latest bits of gossip.

Serving up Some Ceviche!

Serving up Some Ceviche!

The ceviches were delicious, some dressed up with slices of avocado and tomato, others delicately arranged on a tostada, all very much tasty as each San Felipe restaurant brought their talents to the table to put their own spin on the dish.


Welcome to the Ceviche Fest!

Live music rocked the crowd and set the mood for this great little festival, held on the Malecon, where it intersects with Chetumal. The weather had done a complete 360º change from the rainstorms only a few days earlier, and was sunny and warm, with the sea an intense shade of blue.

You can see the photos Here>>!