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Lost Dog!

Ginny writes from Campo Delicias:

Dallas, my little 49 pound, 12 year old black dog (without tags on) ran away from our home in Campo Delicias, KM 33.5 yesterday (Monday 16 February) when someone set off fireworks.  She is somewhat deaf but her name is Dallas and her tail curls up a little.  She is dainty.  Please let me find her.  Ginny 619 206 1299

lost dog at Campo Delicias

lost dog at Campo Delicias


What A Great Day!

2014 Christmas Food Giveaway - San Felipe Lions Club


At our December 4 meeting, we were contemplating if we were going to do our Christmas food run or not. There was some concern with Cuchi being gone. With only 2 weeks to prepare, Adam Borja said he would do it.

Owner of Food store

Adam spent days driving around SF making maps, getting names, and checking out the overall situation for each family.


He made contact with Fruteria Tania’s Market (old Hipon) located in los Arcos. The owner Luis Pacheco sold us the bags of food at a discounted price, Each bag weighed about 35 to 40 lbs. They bagged all of the groceries and put a sign and bow on each bag.


“Donated by the San Felipe Lions Club” Marry Christmas! (In Spanish)

A Special Thank you to Luis Pacheco, Adam Borja and all of Adam’s Elf’s. Ralph Conner, Charles Almack, Dennis Nyberg, Ray & Bev Mostowy, Dick Cadger & Wayne Shafer.

What A Great Day!

San Felipe Lions Club.

Buckaroo Burgers

Mouth Watering Burgers That Fill You Up!




11:00 to 3:00


11:00 – 5:00

Bob and Pattie are so ready to take your order.

House Specialty on Thursdays only:
Patty Melt with Fries, Beef patty, Swiss Cheese, Grilled Onions with Bacon mix on Toasted Jewish Rye.
>> Be sure to check out our Internationally famous Chili Cheese Fries.

The BEST little burger place in Baja!


Buckaroo Burgers: Mouth Watering Burgers That Fill You Up!

Across from Campo Ocotillos. On the highway KM 182. 686-114-6607

San Felipe, Baja California, MEXICO


Best Eye Clinic Ever in San Felipe

San Felipe Lions Club Did it Again!

By following the local community organizations we are in a mission in bringing you the latest on their activities and efforts to accomplish their goals, as many local citizens benefit from a variety of causes being addressed by each one of them, we understand the importance of promoting this information as best we can.


This time around we are covering a tremendously successful social endeavor put in place by Lions Club – San Felipe BC and the heroic and legendary organization The Flying Samaritans. We’ll let their own voice tell you about their accomplishments on October 18.


Report by: Jim McKay – Flying Samaritans

“The Flying Samaritans would like to thank you and your entire Lions Club, Friends of the Lions Club and other supporters for all your help!!

The Eye-Glass Clinic ROCKED seeing 225+ patients and as many pairs of glasses issued; a SPECIAL thank you to your Vision Chairperson Mary Haney and her Lions team along with Elaine (Flying Sams) on our side – it flowed flawlessly!!

The team work was tremendous and the coordination between Mary and Elaine superb. I am very happy – our best Eye Clinic ever!!

We had the same success at our ENT and Pediatrics Clinic. Dr. Alan Yates provided five [5] tonsillectomies and one ear-tube.

Dr. Any Rao [Pediatrician] help pre-screen a number of patients Friday and saw several children at Dr. Abasolo’s office on Saturday and another 25+ at SunShine Hacienda Saturday afternoon.

Better Together preformed cataract screening and has quite a list of people needing cataract surgery

We held our Fall Eye Clinic October 18th.”

This information was kindly provided to us by Wayne Shafer President of San Felipe BC Lions Club.

Remember you can always make your organization’s latest reports available to us for publication in case we are missing something. Just send your message HERE. Thank you for having taken the time to read this article.


Our Only Hope: The Gendarmerie

 Sources: FoxNews & EFE

Our Only Hope

Our Only Hope

Gendarmerie members will be a division of the federal police and will be sent to areas where there is an organized crime presence and there is no economic activity because production is being restricted by the criminals.

Drug gangs have long penetrated some Mexican mining and agricultural sectors, but officials now reveal that everyone from fishermen to tourist resorts to banana growers have been hit by the wave of extortion, kidnapping and thefts by the gangs.

Some security experts have high hopes. “It came late and it’s smaller than expected, but it will be welcome if it strengthens the federal police,” says Rafael Fernández de Castro, a Mexican academic. Others say it is a symptom of a security strategy that focuses more on appearances than realities. “The gendarmerie is an aspirin to fight a cancer,” says Ernesto López Portillo, head of the Institute for Security and Democracy, a policing consultancy. “Mr Peña is basically repeating history by creating more police. What we need is better police.”

The new force, known as the gendarmerie, is made up of fresh recruits whose average age is 28 and who have never served on another police force. Its officers were trained by the Mexican army and its commanding officers got training from police forces from Colombia, Chile, Spain, France and the U.S.

“The officers of the new gendarme force … are trained to serve the population on foot, and on horseback, in rural, urban, tourist and border zones,” President Enrique Pena Nieto said.

The creation of the Gendarmerie is one of Peña Nieto’s highest-profile initiatives in the realm of public safety.



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Ceviche Fest 2014


The intense heat was not an impediment for everyone attending to have a truly relaxed and fun time at the 3rd edition of the Ceviche Fest. The crowd danced to live music surrounded by the several participating restaurants and groups of friends and families who contested for the Best Ceviche recipe.

And the winners are:

1st Place: Mariscos La Morena

2nd Place: El Cortez Hotel

3rd Place: García Family

The mood and general feeling at the event was held by a great atmosphere of camaraderie.


Smiling people are always beautiful.


The winners of this edition: Mariscos La Morena


With great enthusiasm the García Family.


Rosita Restaurant innovating with a special Margarita Slurp recipe that brought a great delight in the attendees.


Tavo García playing the drums and bringing the beats to a happy crowd.

We have so many more photos to share with you, please follow this link to see all pictures in our  Ceviche Fest 2014 Gallery >>


Benefit Event For “La Competencia”


Desert Rose Band opened the Benefit Event

After suffering from a fire that devastated most of the installations of the main store of the traditional hardware store “La Competencia” many local musicians gathered in an event that toke place at Rosita Restaurant and organized by San Felipe United. The owner of La Competencia Antonio Mar Avitia was the center of the benefit to help him rebuild his business.

The following bands played at the benefit event:



Solar Energy Solutions In San Felipe

cutup_Logo (2)For the past 6 years, Baja Battery Solutions has been a local business that has dedicated itself to providing alternative energy solutions to San Felipe and the Baja. For a place as sunny as San Felipe, solar energy production can be a great way to generate power. The two types of solar services you’ll find them providing around San Felipe are off-grid solutions and grid-tie setups. Off-grid allows you to power your home without being connected to a power grid at all, while grid-tie enables you to produce solar energy, and send it to CFE, the power company in Mexico, earning you energy credits, which lowers your power bill, or even brings down to zero.

Many local homeowners, especially retirees, are making the initial investment to start getting into solar now, so they can enjoy long-term effects.  The investment in switching to solar quickly pays for itself in energy consumption savings.  Making the transition can even be done in phases over time, gradually adding more batteries and panels. This also may allow the homeowner to move to a lower tier of energy consumption, which means that energy he still does use from the grid will be billed at a lower rate.

So what could be the applications of solar power in San Felipe for the immediate future? Projects such as a community solar energy field powering homes in a development or businesses in the downtown could be an ideal way to take advantage of sun’s energy.

Baja Battery Solutions is a business that is clearly passionate about helping San Felipe become an energy-efficient area. They are continually working on ideas on how to help reduce power consumption using the latest and best technologies available in the world.
Other great technologies like LED lighting and energy efficient air conditioning units powered by solar are readily available at Baja Battery Solutions. Great customer service and warrantied parts and installation. Plan to pay them a visit soon to see how their alternative energy solutions can help you!

Phone From USA: 011 52 1 686 170-9030
In Mexico: 686 170-9030
¿Hablas español? : 686 170-2616

Working In Close Coordination With The Community: Commander Alejandro Monreal


With an outstanding record working as Chief of Police in Mexicali, commander Alejandro Monreal arrived to San Felipe with a clear plan to bring down the criminal attitudes and activities that have plagued San Felipe in recent years.

Before the first month of his campaign ends, commander Monreal has already deployed a set of strategies that have been implemented by working very close with the community in order to tackle the most sensitive issues.

Commander Monreal designed  a 6 month emergency plan that has a very detailed agenda. Being himself a graduated lawyer and with a very impressive professional profile, he admits that a cultural change is required to level up the relation between the police and society.

Currently the Police department is having meetings with various sectors of the community to develop a bridge of open communication.

They are not improvising or running experiments, the police under the guidance of commander Monreal is already taking several immediate actions to clean the streets of vandals, close the outlets where the stolen electric and phone cables are being sold; patrolling the streets in extended hours, integrating youth groups into community task forces, meeting with the social groups of the international community and coordinating efforts with the local Army and Navy.-7

One of the main reasons why criminals feel comfortable engaging in their delinquent activities in San Felipe is the lack of a PGR office. Cases have to be turned to Mexicali and the bureaucracy creates a vacuum for effective punishment.

San Felipe used to have a PGR agency but it was ran under a culture of corruption and was shifted from its original purpose into a personal business for the ones in charge and the chain of corruption that runs underneath plain sight.

This chain of corruption has to do with everything trafficking. From Totoaba buches and Caguama Turtles to drug related shipments . A chain of corruption that feeds on the stealing of public infrastructure and land ownership take overs. They ran the market of stolen goods from cars, boats, atv’s, and household appliances. This chain of corruption has the control, production and distribution of methamphetamine which is used to slave the hordes of pitty thieves who carry out all kinds of absurd and disrupting activities.

Commander Monreal admits that locally there is a sector of society carrying a high level of disrespect towards the police and its members and he is commited to transform this in order to recover the best values of the community and create an example for the younger generations.

The police department itself its being rehabilitated to start with and under the scrutiny of mayor Jaime Díaz and locally by Raymundo Jiménez León. New training, new patrols, new attitudes.

Commander Monreal has a special message for the international community, he wants to make himself and the police department available and let you know there are open doors to help each individual or family facing criminal acts or being bullied by any faction of the corruption chain.

Starting with this post we will be delivering a detailed weekly report on the Police actions and activities. Also we will open a page where you can freely denounce corruption and criminal situations in an anonymous way. More information coming up next week.

Please mark your calendars for an upcoming town meeting with the head of State Justice Department Lawyer Perla del Socorro Ibarra, and other state authorities which will take place February 10 at 11 am at El Dorado Pavillion.