Messages for the Community

Raising awareness with zero budget

On Wednesday morning a group gathered by the bridge at the north end of the Malecon for a demonstration by Martin Romo, founder of Playa Clean, an organization dedicated to keeping the San Felipe beaches clean and safe and in the hope to find a helping hand among the international community.

The event was held to raise awareness for the project and also appreciate the donation of a new kayak by Kitty Stayskal.  Martin took the time to explain the objectives of Playa Clean and show the successes the program has had to various officials, including San Felipe mayor.  A group of school-age volunteers were also at the ceremony, working to pick up trash, screen bits of litter out of the sand and sweep sidewalks, though they took time out to pose for a group photo.

You can support the San Felipe Playa Clean project by contacting Martin Romo ( or dropping by Rosita’s at the end of the Malecon to see how you can contribute.

More photos of the ceremony in the GALLERY.

Construction on Malecon

Construction is continuing on the Malecon as the entire length of the sidewalk along the sea side has been torn up. On the opposite side, construction has progressed as far as Baja Mar. Dump trucks have now hauled most of the smashed concrete away as machines level the ground in preparation for the new sidewalks. New utilities have been put in almost as far as the Vaquita statue halfway, while new palm trees are being planted by the tourism office. At the far end, new designs in the cement have been poured and the sidewalk is almost complete, though still awaiting the installation of street lights.


URGENT: Please help support the fight on cancer in San Felipe

The San Felipe Cancer Walk / Caminata Contra el Cáncer, takes place in San Felipe on Saturday, February 25, 2012 starting at 10 a.m. at The Arches and ending on The Malecon. The fee is $25 (adults) or $10 (students). Everyone is very welcome and encouraged to participate for this important event. Funds raised will be used for local cancer education, screening and assisting with treatments of San Felipe residents. Donations of larger amounts will be graciously accepted. The Walk is organized by San Felipe Cancer Society and Proudly Supported by Rotary Club of San Felipe, S.F.A.R.P. and Club Las Amigas 

You can register on the morning of the walk starting at 8:30 am but it will help the Organizers if you pre-register. Registration forms can be picked up and dropped off at the Cachnilla on Saturday mornings, or The Salt Store at the Plazita, from Juanita at The Wash Tub and, naturally, at the Center on the airport road, or download the form from the website:

For additional information call  In US:  760.831.7258 or In Mexico on mobile:  044.686.216.3237

Construction Continues on the Malecon…

Construction along the Malecon has continued, with machines now tearing up the middle part of the Malecon sidewalk, in front of the Vaquita statue. The south end is now in various stages of construction as utility pipes are laid, the ground is flattened and prepared and concrete is poured in stages to accomodate a wavy design along the sidewalks. Look for the new streetlamps to be installed soon as well! The Malecon is still open to car and foot traffic, with all of the shops and restaurants open for business!


Help still badly needed


Martin Romo at Rosita's restaurant at the north end of the Malecon badly needs 55 Gallon drum liners for his beach cleanup team. If you can bring him such bags (eg from Home Depot or Amazon) all of San Felipe will benefit. The town does not have the funds to buy these supplies.

Revamping the Malecon

On Friday, the long anticipated work to remodel the Malecon started. At present the contractor is tearing up the sidewalks on either side of the south feeder road next to the Costa Azul Hotel.