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A Youth Orchestra Is Planned for San Felipe

This summer promises to be another season of getting the most out of places to stay cool.

There is no compromise with weather conditions in San Felipe for July and August. It will be HOT…it will be HUMID. But this year the summer will be alive with cultural and art experiences available to everyone.

Recently I was introduced to a marvelously talented family that will be providing six weeks of art and music at the Cultural Center next to the municipal pool. It is an understatement to say that this is a great opportunity for our community.

Sergio Vela Castro will be teaching guitar to students in a collaborative effort to begin a student orchestra here in San Felipe.

There are donated musical instruments waiting to be held by our young musicians. This is the beginning process of a monumental undertaking for cultural diversity in our city. The lessons are free.

I dropped in on one of the first classes. Mr. Castro is a successful musician with the vital energy needed to inspire the young to play guitar. By the time I left the children were playing chords together in a beautiful meticulous rhythm. Yes… success already!

This is a great summer activity that will challenge and define our future musicians. Instruments are provided and the free class will last for six weeks!

Just imagine these delighted children someday playing in an orchestra! What a great way for them to spend summer days… learning musical skills with their friends…in air conditioning. Sounds perfect to me!

Centavo’s Wise Words: Keep the beat!

Changing The Meaning of a Word – 11th Cancer Walk

Centavo’s Two Cents

The word is CANCER. Cancer defined is a disease, a constellation, and the 4th sign of the Zodiac in Astrology. It is something evil or malignant that spreads destructively. The cancer word is all those things. As a disease it is hidden resentment; stealing time in this world away from loved ones.

At one time cancer was whispered, feared, delineated, by machines capturing images of doom. Hopelessness waited as family and friends took the news of cancer to their hearts.

You simply died of cancer if you had it. It was not compromising.

In 2017 our Town of San Felipe marched for the 11th year to remember the recovery and deaths of those loved ones who beat or lost the odds to live with cancer.

No words can describe the loss, the cancer that ends a life.

It has been many years of consistent research that has provided avenues for inflicted people to heal. It is these marches however, that tell the real stories. They have changed the vile word of cancer through hope and faith. They have made us remember that the word cancer can morph into a spiritual miracle word.

So many of us here have embraced the idea that cancer is defeatable. We have proof…. friends that have survived. They marched with us.

Our cancer walk was completed in February this year. The organization of this event was not an easy task. Yet it was so successfully orchestrated …and well attended. Money was raised of course…lots of it, especially for a village this small.

All those who came together profoundly moved me.

We were not defined by race, religion, or ethnic diversity. We were one.

When the walk was completed lunch was served on the Malecon. A band played. We cried. We danced. We sang. We remembered. We forgot.
We forgave the word Cancer. We know that the fight will continue. We know that people will still suffer and some will be healed.

This is the miracle… that a disease so devastating can bring us together in love.

That day we were a family celebrating the endless task of support that every being deserves. If you participated you felt this and were grateful that you made the walk important for so many lives. You showed your town, your friends, your family, your children that you cared. The word cancer was just the beginning of a word more powerful, and more rewarding…cancer-free.

Thank you to all those behind the scenes that made this event possible!

Centavo’s Wise Words: A word can be redefined

Pros and Cons of Living in a Small Town

If you were ever given a choice between being a city dweller or a small town inhabitant what would you choose? It is common that city dwellers imagine life of small town inhabitants as dreary and monotonous; on the other hand small-town people often consider the city life as electrifying with noise and never- ending pollution.

Moving from a city to a small town can be quite difficult however; if you are making such a move consider a few pros and cons before making such a decision.


The increasing crime rate in cities and the increasing cases of rape and assault can panic anyone. City dwellers have to face this ever-increasing crime rate. In a small town you feel safe, you need not check the door locks several times a day. The complex alarm systems do not have much requirement in small towns. Also one is not annoyed much by salesmen and telemarketers as they do not visit or call small town dwellers.

Currently the ever-increasing costs in cities have left people exhausted. Increasing tax and mortgage rates can drive anyone crazy. The small towns are beneficial in this matter as taxes are lower in small towns. Due to economic collapse most of the people are now exploring new towns for settling down in order to manage their costs. Also the prices of most of the clothes and grocery are of reduced amount.

Peaceful atmosphere is a dream for a city dweller. City life is marked with hustle and bustle, traffic jams and bustling markets. Small towns have a pollution free environment and more green patches can be noted. Plenty of peace and calm is available to town dwellers. People are not in a hurry to be anywhere; frowning faces can be less seen. This kind of peace and calm is contagious, it instantly affects you and you can feel burdens lifting away.

You can feel a lot of difference between the natures of city and town dwellers. City inhabitants are unfriendly, rude, are always in a hurry and no form of sense of community can be seen in cities. In small towns people have more time to be engaged in others lives. They are genuinely interested in you and have the time to talk to you. People know each other by first names, which builds up a sense of belonging in a person. You know each others family backgrounds and kids can mingle freely with each other. There isn’t any concept of a stranger in a small town.


Life is much slower in a small town. It sometimes frustrates the younger generation. All they can think about is getting out of this boring and dreary life. There are less forms of entertainment found in a small town. People have the same routines to follow each day which fill teenagers with frustration. Sometimes they try to indulge in an adventure leading to catastrophic results. Fewer opportunities in the form of careers and jobs can also push people towards cities.

Forms of transport are conventional in small towns. Public transport is also not very reliable in small towns. It leads to many difficulties. People have to pay high prices for gas if they have a job in the city. Hospitals and better education is not available in small towns. In cases of emergency, patients have to shift to city hospitals.

Families might be living close to each other that make small towns the hubs of gossip. People do not have much to occupy their time which leads to gossip being circulated more often then you want. Interference can also be a big problem as people consider it their right to give you their opinion about everything you do.

Lack of job opportunities and lack of motivation also lead to high rate of high school dropouts in small towns. Mostly the students who are educated in cities are given much preference due to higher standard of education. Students of small towns are not ambitious and mostly consider following the lines which their grandfathers had set.

Although small towns both have advantages and disadvantages, it depends on the persons outlook. Some might feel it is heaven and prefer to retire to small towns, however some can’t stand it. Like a coin it has two sides; living in a small town can mean either way for a person.

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11th San Felipe Cancer Walk

The 11th San Felipe Cancer walk will be held on February 18, 2017.

It is organized by the San Felipe Cancer Society in cooperation with the Rotary Club of San Felipe, S.F.A.R.P. and Club Las Amigas.
Registration time: 8:30 a.m.
Opening Ceremony: 9:00 a.m.
Walk begins at San Felipe Arches: 9:30 a.m.

The funds raised for this event will be used for local cancer education; screening, and assisting with treatments for San Felipe Residents.

This is a no stress walk that our community has been participating in for many years.

Your support will be greatly appreciated!!

11th San Felipe Cancer Walk

SECOND CHANCE could be your best chance!


It is a sad day. My favorite pair of jeans has refused to fit me. No matter how hard I try to pry myself into them. We have been together for a long time. Now it seems “fitting” to sadly deliver them to a place where they can be worn and loved by someone…ok…I will say it….”skinnier”.

Many women here have had the luxury of very nice clothing, brand labels. It takes a long time to part with items that look good on us. We have to talk ourselves out of things. Especially clothing that is hanging in our bulging closets, waiting for the moment to be worn again. Clothing and shoes don’t talk. But all those years ago they distinctly said, “You look hot darling!” when you gazed into your full-length mirror. Right? The word “hot” faded into some other word as time meandered viciously around your aging body. The word “seriously?…” comes to mind. Yeah? Right.

Fortunately for me and all those other women (and men!), about three years ago a group of women living here had an idea. Every once in a while the female gender needs what has been called “retail therapy”…yes even in our little village. Women just have to go look at clothes, shoes, linens, often. Even if they don’t buy anything, it just makes them feel good. The group’s idea was to open a really nice resale store, so they drew up a plan, recruited five daytime managers, found a suitable location, donated their own time, labor, and money for start-up costs, and opened Second Chance, a 100% volunteer- and donation-based resale store. All items in the store are donated and all proceeds after meeting expenses are “paid forward” to the community.

At first, Second Chance donated all of its proceeds to VIVA [Volunteers for Indigent and Vulnerable Animals], to help with its spay and neuter and education programs. At the end of its first year, Second Chance realized it was far more successful than it had ever imagined, and the decision was made to share its good fortune not only with VIVA but with other local causes and organizations. Some of those include the Cancer Society, Cruz Roja, Volunteers Without Limits, C.A.M., K.O.Hambre, San Felipe United, both orphanages, and the San Felipe Rowing Team. It can be said that Second Chance is really making a difference!

One of Second Chance’s managers speaks to me in a back room where every item is meticulously checked, hung up, and made ready for sale. Donations of items come in regularly and they must be dealt with. Volunteers take button replacement and simple sewing needs home. Efficiency is paramount and from my view things get done fast. Some clothing and household items not appropriate for Second Chance will be sent to other organizations such as Volunteers Without Limits or to other local segundas. It is unusual to have to throw things away. People who are donating understand that everything should be clean and gently used.

It is volunteers that keep the shop new and lively. It is volunteers that keep the clothes, shoes, and small household items neatly stacked and displayed. Racks, shelves, and tables have been either donated or built. Most maintenance and repairs are done by the enthusiastic husband of one of the managers. The volunteers here seem to be having all the fun. Really. I am told that and I imagine it is true.

Second Chance has morphed into a place where everything that was once old is new again to someone else. It has become a very social place. The community walks in and out with lovely things.

Prices are pleasingly low. This was done deliberately to encourage a quick turnover of items and to entice everyone in this village to consider shopping here. It is catching on. Local shoppers tell their friends the drive out from town is worth it. It is tempting for them to keep the place secret.

Very reasonable price lists hang on the walls. You need not ask for more discounts because you can’t do any better without feeling guilty.

Let me give you examples: Dresses, jackets, and swimwear list at $6.00 per item. Sweaters and tops, a mere $5.00…shorts $4.00.

The managers of Second Chance know the value of good marketing and display. Right now it’s Christmas in the store…and yes, there are Christmas items to buy.

A local artist who used one of the manager’s clever designs painted the outside of the building. This has made finding the store easy… and has brought in many more customers. In fact, it has motivated other shop owners to “dress up” the outside of their buildings as well. All the colors of the buildings are delightful as you drive into our wonderful town.

There is nothing like going to a place of comfort. It is a wonderful store to try things on in private. Delectable fragrance fills the air, jewelry sparkles and shoes beg you to try them Go ahead…you deserve it.

There are many stories to be told here. I will keep you posted on those later. Just know that your money will go far here and a lovely present of love will cost little.

I could be sad about my jeans. But they will belong to someone else… all good.

Centavo’s Wise Words: If the shoe fits… try another pair on!


SECOND CHANCE could be your best chance!

El Padrino’s Christmas Posada for San Felipe Children

An afternoon to remember at El Padrino’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria was offered to an amazing group of San Felipe children by truly enthusiastic volunteers. Christmas gifts, a great meal and the visit of our own San Felipe Santa, created the perfect celebration to warm up the hearts of this incredible kids.
















The Santa Maria Giving Fund – Raising The Roof

The Santa María Giving Fund generates support for the local Catholic Church and the community by bringing events and activities that have a very positive impact.

The event “Raise The Roof” was a success and the funds to complete the “Lord of Mercy” Catholic Church in Los Arcos were increased.

These are photos of the Gift Wrapping Christmas Posada. The Santa María Fund made it possible to gather many many gifts that will bring joy and hope to the children in need in San Felipe this Christmas season.


















Thank you to all involved for making this happen for the San Felipe community.

Time to Tune Up Your Desert Vehicles

Now that the weather is so nice it’s time to tune up your desert vehicles!

Many people from out of town bring their motor toys down to enjoy some rugged riding. We know how much fun these toys are but safety is always an issue. Ride smart and safely and be considerate and careful when riding the beach.


If you are going for a desert run it is best to go with two vehicles. You never want to be stuck where you can’t be found.

Time to Tune Up Your Desert Vehicles

Time to Tune Up Your Desert Vehicles