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New Surveillance Navy Station


Relevant port maintenance has been underway since early this summer in San Felipe. The dredging has been completed and the works on the buildings are almost done.



The purpose of this project is to follow upon new regulations on the biosphere reserve and upper golf of California.



When completed, a fully operational navy station will be available for search, rescue and maritime surveillance on and off the San Felipe coast.



The goals of the station mainly move in 4 axes:

1 Enhancement of the operation polygon

2 Enforcement of the fishing ban

3 Surveillance of the region with constant patrolling

4 Promotion of new forms of sustainable fishing among the local fisherman


New Surveillance Navy Station Works.


New Surveillance Navy Station Works.


New Surveillance Navy Station Works.


Text and photos by Luis Almodovar.



The Jose Andres to Become History

The Jose Andres

The Jose Andres fishing boat, part of the legendary Tony Reyes’ fleet, is soon to be sunk in the Sea of Cortez in a project to build a new artificial reef. This is part of an ongoing attempt to encourage biological growth and health in our Sea, maintaining the biodiversity that once inspired Jacques Cousteau to call it the “aquarium of the world.”


The boat is now being properly decontaminated and prepared to be sunk. The Jose Andres was bought by Tony Reyes in 1986 for his fishing tours in the Sea of Cortez, creating fantastic memories for visiting sport fishers for over 20 years. Returning the boat to the Sea to help maintain a healthy ecosystem is a great way to ensure that amazing fishing opportunities can be had for years to come, making this a fitting close to this well-known vessel.


The Tony Reyes fleet continues normal services under the management of Tony Reyes Jr. The Jose Andres to Become History. 

Governor KIKO Vega Is Bringing Unprecedented Support For San Felipe and Its Region


Saturday January 25 will be remembered as a very important day in the recent history of San Felipe.

In a meeting that took place at the Playa del Paraiso Hotel and organized by Jesús Carrillo, head of the Economic Development Committee, the governor of Baja California, Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid attended to bring exciting news for San Felipe and the entire east coast.

The governor was briefed by representatives of some of the most important local developments such as El Dorado Ranch, Rancho Costa Verde and Playa del Paraiso and also by the Economic Development Committee of San Felipe.

It was very impressive to witness how governor Kiko Vega engaged the audience during his speech with a high level of kindness and simplicity, showing his sincere concerns about the present and future of San Felipe.

After thanking the participation of the attendees governor Vega explained that he knows San Felipe and many of its residents and with a background in the private sector he can fully understand the challenges that businesses in general are currently facing and knows what has to be done to support our investors and entrepreneurs.

Governor Vega stated that his administration will be one that becomes a strong promoter of the efforts and investments of the private sector of San Felipe. He explained he is aware of the most sensitive issues and is willing to make and take the required actions and investments here.

He recognized the enormous contributions from Pat Buttler to put San Felipe on the map and praised the works of jesús Carrillo and all the people involved in the Economic Development Committee.

In an unprecedented statement historically made by any other Baja California government; governor Kiko Vega explained that in order to successfully support the local agenda, at some point within the month of February representatives of the entire government of Baja California will converge here and take all the steps to begin the works for the new San Felipe we all are willing to see and live in. Also the involvement of the Mexicali mayor and representatives of the Federal Agencies will participate in this unprecedented project.

This in the words of governor Vega will help to avoid dispersing the efforts and enable a common ground to solve the issues.

Governor Vega also considers a priority to continue and finish the pending works of the airport since there are more than one airliner almost ready to deploy services in what will finally become a fully functional San Felipe International Airport and facilities.

After many many years of uncertainty San Felipe is finally receiving the enthusiasm and sincere commitment of the state government.

Justice, health, education, sports, urban infrastructure, communications, land tenure, employment, safety, legality, tourism, ecology and human rights are but a few of the topics that will be covered thoroughly starting in February.


This time around the governor was accompanied  by his Secretary of Tourism who in December greatly helped unblocking some issues pertaining to the organization of the San Felipe 250 race. After finishing his historic visit to San Felipe, Governor Kiko Vega continued on with his tour through the east coast.

Want to keep in touch with Baja California Governor? You may follow KIKO Vega on Facebook.


Family Vacations In The San Felipe – Puertecitos Corridor

The Baja east coast has so much to offer to visiting families looking for a really nice and affordable getaway. 


These families found the perfect combination for fun, comfort and safety.

They rented a great vacation property in a private community where they spent most of their time enjoying the amazing beachfront and the comfort of a well-equipped and safe home. They randomly visited downtown San Felipe, heading there early in the day only to stock up on groceries, have a meal at a nice restaurant and walk along the Malecon for a brief shopping spree, before heading back to their peaceful vacation rental. They enjoyed the cleanliness of the south beaches. They made sure to always drive the highways during daylight hours, and crossed the border in Tijuana on their way back home. They aimed to get quality services and achieved just that by making all the right choices for their vacation.

Ejido Life

Relaxed, semi rural and perfect for retirement or vacationing.

The Ejido lands adjacent to San Felipe have become one of the best areas to develop alternative housing.

Inspired people retake some traditional and some really amazing new approaches when building their new homes.

The Ejido makes a perfect getaway and is an alternative to downtown lifestyle.

You can live a semi off the grid existence with all services installed and town center within a 15 minutes drive reach.

Please be advised Ejido life can become a nightmare if you don’t do a proper search of the area where you plan to station in:

Check out who are your neighbors and their behavior, watch out for the trashy parts, flooding trends and so on.

Embracing The Ejido LIfe?


Who Can Deny It?

Every Body Loves Beachfront!

Although having a Private Beach is still prohibited by Mexican law, you may absolutely get an Amazing beachfront property.

Believe it or not under the current economic conditions, investing in Beachfront in San Felipe is becoming a great alternative for short and long term investment approaches.

Your investment will grow steadily way into the future, Baja California is rapidly becoming a major player on the world economy arena and the East Coast has awaken from its long sleep.

Get yourself a piece of the Future while you can start enjoying today.

Gated Community

Some times it comes down to weather you can afford it or not.

When you live outside your native territory, security issues should be one of your main concerns as you plan on investing on property for retirement or vacationing.

San Felipe crime rate is low, compared to major cities in the US and Canada, but is out there. Precautionary measures are enough to be safe in town. But if you are one of those accustomed to certain standards, then you will learn that locally you have options.

Beware of a simple fact: if you want to become a legitimate owner of that dream property you need to make sure you will be handled a FIDEICOMISO.

If not you will become a member of a lease and leases are tricky if your main interest is to make a patrimony and have long term peace of mind.