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Baja California Real Estate Law

Moving fast towards transparency and certainty.


In Mexico the main trend is towards transparency and regulations and more and more people now prefer using the services of a registered real estate agent.

Already 6 states in the country have a real estate regulatory law in place, Baja California being one of them.

The new state law aims towards enforcing actions to prevent fraud and generate certainty on every real estate business transaction.

The law is complex but it will be gradually enforced to formalize the activities of the sector in the state markets. It is critically advisable to only buy from a trained and licensed agent or corporation.

The real estate license has to be renewed to ensure agent proficiency. The new law also aims at making sure the taxes are properly handled within the country economy.

Currently is the best time for agents to register since the law is still pretty flexible, at a later time the requisites to get such registration will be far more complicated.

There are registrations for both individuals and agencies.

The law aims at having agents that understand the Mexican law. If you are a corporation the license procedure has to be followed by both the corporation and its legal representative.

You get a registration for the corporation and the license for the agents. Whomever works as an agent for the corporation must be licensed.

Individual agents working for corporations cannot release contracts as individuals during transactions.

This law is in existence since 2014 and enforceable since then, but penalties have been gradually  applied.

Mexican notaries are one of the key filters that will prevent fraudulent transactions.

Chapter 4 of the law contemplates the possibility of denouncing illegal practices to confront agents breaking the rules or committing fraud.

Chapter 6 contemplates all public notaries will refuse to make any registrations if done by unlicensed agents or corporations.

Chapter 9 covers the fact that only registered and licensed individuals can advertise or promote as business providers.

Currently the law is in a state of flexibility but eventually will be fully enforced. Each License has a life of 3 years after which period has to be renewed.

The organism in charge of guiding the Baja California real estate law is the Mixed Commission which starts activities later next year.

From 300 currently active agents in Baja California, 150 have already registered.

Corporations and agents need to ensure their mission statement is in line with their professional activities before the Mexican Tax Agency. All data will be validated by Sedeco [State Economy Secretariat\ with regular inspection visits.

There are 16 agents and corporations currently registered from San Felpe at Sedeco

It is crucial for real estate professionals to be able to identify the right kind of contract to be used on each real estate transaction. Penalties under this law are bolder and include monetary fees, permanent termination of licenses and registrations and or jail.

Once the Mixed Commission is installed the different aspects of this law will start being applied in full, meaning the legal.loopholes will no longer be active.

Also all the benefits of this law will start permeating through all real estate business activities since bringing legal certainty is the main goal of this law.

The Mixed Commission will be creating policy that sustains a proper and healthy business environment preventing fraud and promoting transparency, this involves the creation of a code of ethics.

The place to start a real estate business registration for agents and corporations is: www.bajacalifornia.gob/sedeco.

This information was provided in an excellent presentation done by the C.P. Claudia Limón López from SEDECO [Baja California Economic Development Secretariat] for AMPI – San Felipe.

Special thanks to Jesús Manuel Carrillo, Juan Carlos Maciel, Darryl McDonogh, Giovanni B. Abatt, Uria Amor, Patty Bell, Ervey Franco, Jim Moore, Patricia Haros and all the team at AMPI – San Felipe.



By P.J. Padilla, President
Oscar Padilla

Mexico has traffic laws that are very similar to those in the United States. The application of these laws is what accounts for the major differences, and is the reason that you need Mexican auto insurance if heading to San Felipe, or anywhere else in Mexico. The law in Mexico is based on the Napoleonic Code, where guilt prevails over the presumption of innocence, whereas in the U.S., the law is based on the English Common Law, where innocence prevails over the presumption of guilt. The basic difference between Mexico’s and the United State’s financial responsibility law is that anyone involved in an accident in Mexico must have the means to respond to damages or injuries for which they may be responsible. In Mexico, this would be in the form of either cash or a Mexico auto insurance policy. Whether or not your U.S. insurance policy extends coverage into Mexico, the LIABILITY portion of your policy will not under Mexican law.  Authorities in Mexico do not recognize the Liability coverage on your U.S. policy, or any other non-Mexican insurance policy. Only a Mexican automobile liability policy is acceptable evidence of financial responsibility. Until January 1, 2012, acquiring Mexican auto insurance was strongly advisable if you intended on driving in Baja. On 1/1/12 all of that changed, becoming a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT. Article 18 of the vehicle code establishes that all cars in Baja must have liability insurance, even foreign plated vehicles.


New Surveillance Navy Station


Relevant port maintenance has been underway since early this summer in San Felipe. The dredging has been completed and the works on the buildings are almost done.



The purpose of this project is to follow upon new regulations on the biosphere reserve and upper golf of California.



When completed, a fully operational navy station will be available for search, rescue and maritime surveillance on and off the San Felipe coast.



The goals of the station mainly move in 4 axes:

1 Enhancement of the operation polygon

2 Enforcement of the fishing ban

3 Surveillance of the region with constant patrolling

4 Promotion of new forms of sustainable fishing among the local fisherman


New Surveillance Navy Station Works.


New Surveillance Navy Station Works.


New Surveillance Navy Station Works.


Text and photos by Luis Almodovar.



The Jose Andres to Become History

The Jose Andres

The Jose Andres fishing boat, part of the legendary Tony Reyes’ fleet, is soon to be sunk in the Sea of Cortez in a project to build a new artificial reef. This is part of an ongoing attempt to encourage biological growth and health in our Sea, maintaining the biodiversity that once inspired Jacques Cousteau to call it the “aquarium of the world.”


The boat is now being properly decontaminated and prepared to be sunk. The Jose Andres was bought by Tony Reyes in 1986 for his fishing tours in the Sea of Cortez, creating fantastic memories for visiting sport fishers for over 20 years. Returning the boat to the Sea to help maintain a healthy ecosystem is a great way to ensure that amazing fishing opportunities can be had for years to come, making this a fitting close to this well-known vessel.


The Tony Reyes fleet continues normal services under the management of Tony Reyes Jr. The Jose Andres to Become History. 

The 066 MOBILE BC App

Built to help you in the event of any situation involving imminent danger, health issues or threats to your life or properties, including kidnapping, domestic violence, injuries to minors or handicapped, rape, medical emergencies and so on.


The 066MovilBC app is a new tool to request emergency services provided by the state of Baja California government.


  • Emergency call with GPS location.
  • Emergency chat session with GPS location (requires an available operator).
  • Panic button.

Other important features of the 066 MOBILE BC App:

Amber Alert

What is an Amber Alert?
Cases in which there is an abduction of minors or people with disabilities, after an investigation by the Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado (PGJE), and is determined that the person’s life is threatened, an Alerta Amber is emitted. The person’s profile is issued to the press media so that citizens are aware and can give information about the person’s location.

Emergency Guides – What to do?

Through this option you have access to information on various topics of interest, such as: Medical emergencies (first aid), Security, Road Safety, Natural Disasters, Legal and Mechanical Problems.

066 Profiles

The button that appears in the bottom right corner, that indicates “066 Profile”, enables you to fill out a form regarding medical information, in case of needing personalized medical attention. This information may be vital in cases of medical emergencies where a person’s health may be affected whether it be by a chronicle condition or sudden causes.
Available for all Android and iOS devices. Download from appropriate App store using this name: 066movilbc. Make sure you update your App frequently.
The 066 MOBILE BC App
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For Visitor Assistance Dial 078


078 is a Toll Free number provided by the state government to offer timely assistance and information for tourists in Baja California.

When you dial 078 you have immediate access to help in case of any emergencies you may have during your stay. You may also access valuable information about destinations and activities at your disposal in Baja California, Mexico.

For Visitor Assistance Dial 078

Dial 078 Features:

  • Toll Free Number 24/7.
  • Professional, personalized attention with empathy 100% bilingual.
  • Personal Assistance.
  • Response and attention to your questions.
  • State Coverage.

Authority Abuse:

  • If you feel you have been mistreated by any public official or authority applying the law, you can file a complaint with the State Secretariat of Tourism of Baja California.
  • Please be sure to get the name of the person, agency, license and / or identification card number or patrol car as well as the place and time of the incident to report it immediately to our Toll Free Number Travel Information & Assistance 078 or the following email

For Visitor Assistance Dial 078

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San Felo Poetry: Shifting Tides

The Sea of Cortez is such a focal point in San Felipe – its huge tide shifts, ever-changing color and rhythmic surf seems to adopt a variety of attitudes depending on the day. Here’s a piece of poetry by a local writer who expresses some of the joys of living by the Sea in San Felipe!

Shifting Tides


Over the dunes
Around the cove
A tidal pool glimmered
In the morning sun

The tide was out
Waiting to arrive
What jewels awaited
In the quiet pool

A sand dollar here
The tiny crab digging
A golden strand of hemp
From my mermaid’s locks

Like the tides
She would come and go
A slow soothing caress
Or loud and wild abandon

Now I look forward
To my walk by the sea
The shifting tides
What life holds for me


Solar Energy Solutions In San Felipe

cutup_Logo (2)For the past 6 years, Baja Battery Solutions has been a local business that has dedicated itself to providing alternative energy solutions to San Felipe and the Baja. For a place as sunny as San Felipe, solar energy production can be a great way to generate power. The two types of solar services you’ll find them providing around San Felipe are off-grid solutions and grid-tie setups. Off-grid allows you to power your home without being connected to a power grid at all, while grid-tie enables you to produce solar energy, and send it to CFE, the power company in Mexico, earning you energy credits, which lowers your power bill, or even brings down to zero.

Many local homeowners, especially retirees, are making the initial investment to start getting into solar now, so they can enjoy long-term effects.  The investment in switching to solar quickly pays for itself in energy consumption savings.  Making the transition can even be done in phases over time, gradually adding more batteries and panels. This also may allow the homeowner to move to a lower tier of energy consumption, which means that energy he still does use from the grid will be billed at a lower rate.

So what could be the applications of solar power in San Felipe for the immediate future? Projects such as a community solar energy field powering homes in a development or businesses in the downtown could be an ideal way to take advantage of sun’s energy.

Baja Battery Solutions is a business that is clearly passionate about helping San Felipe become an energy-efficient area. They are continually working on ideas on how to help reduce power consumption using the latest and best technologies available in the world.
Other great technologies like LED lighting and energy efficient air conditioning units powered by solar are readily available at Baja Battery Solutions. Great customer service and warrantied parts and installation. Plan to pay them a visit soon to see how their alternative energy solutions can help you!

Phone From USA: 011 52 1 686 170-9030
In Mexico: 686 170-9030
¿Hablas español? : 686 170-2616

Governor KIKO Vega Is Bringing Unprecedented Support For San Felipe and Its Region


Saturday January 25 will be remembered as a very important day in the recent history of San Felipe.

In a meeting that took place at the Playa del Paraiso Hotel and organized by Jesús Carrillo, head of the Economic Development Committee, the governor of Baja California, Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid attended to bring exciting news for San Felipe and the entire east coast.

The governor was briefed by representatives of some of the most important local developments such as El Dorado Ranch, Rancho Costa Verde and Playa del Paraiso and also by the Economic Development Committee of San Felipe.

It was very impressive to witness how governor Kiko Vega engaged the audience during his speech with a high level of kindness and simplicity, showing his sincere concerns about the present and future of San Felipe.

After thanking the participation of the attendees governor Vega explained that he knows San Felipe and many of its residents and with a background in the private sector he can fully understand the challenges that businesses in general are currently facing and knows what has to be done to support our investors and entrepreneurs.

Governor Vega stated that his administration will be one that becomes a strong promoter of the efforts and investments of the private sector of San Felipe. He explained he is aware of the most sensitive issues and is willing to make and take the required actions and investments here.

He recognized the enormous contributions from Pat Buttler to put San Felipe on the map and praised the works of jesús Carrillo and all the people involved in the Economic Development Committee.

In an unprecedented statement historically made by any other Baja California government; governor Kiko Vega explained that in order to successfully support the local agenda, at some point within the month of February representatives of the entire government of Baja California will converge here and take all the steps to begin the works for the new San Felipe we all are willing to see and live in. Also the involvement of the Mexicali mayor and representatives of the Federal Agencies will participate in this unprecedented project.

This in the words of governor Vega will help to avoid dispersing the efforts and enable a common ground to solve the issues.

Governor Vega also considers a priority to continue and finish the pending works of the airport since there are more than one airliner almost ready to deploy services in what will finally become a fully functional San Felipe International Airport and facilities.

After many many years of uncertainty San Felipe is finally receiving the enthusiasm and sincere commitment of the state government.

Justice, health, education, sports, urban infrastructure, communications, land tenure, employment, safety, legality, tourism, ecology and human rights are but a few of the topics that will be covered thoroughly starting in February.


This time around the governor was accompanied  by his Secretary of Tourism who in December greatly helped unblocking some issues pertaining to the organization of the San Felipe 250 race. After finishing his historic visit to San Felipe, Governor Kiko Vega continued on with his tour through the east coast.

Want to keep in touch with Baja California Governor? You may follow KIKO Vega on Facebook.