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Your Own Renewable Energy

Derived from various provisions of the National Development Plan 2007-2012, the law on the Use of Renewable Energy; you can install in your home or business your own renewable energy or co-generation system in small or medium-scale and perform an interconnection contract with CFE.


By doing so, besides saving on your expense for energy, you will contribute to the use of clean technologies for power generation in the use of renewable energy sources and thus in conserving the environment.

The requirements for a small scale interconnection contract with CFE, are to have a normal supply contract for low voltage that complies with Mexican Official Standards and CFE specifications, and the power of your source is not greater than 10 kW for residential and 30 kW for commercial.

To make an interconnection agreement in medium scale, the requirements are that you have a normal supply contract in medium voltage installations to meet with Mexican Official Standards and CFE specifications, and the power of your source is not greater 500 kW.

The contract is indefinite and can be terminated whenever you want, warning CFE 30 days prior.


For more information contact an specialist and make it happen for you and your business. Locally all businesses have a huge challenge dealing with outrageous electric bills during summer season each and every year, impacting the pricing and quality of life in a negative way for everyone.


Solar Energy Solutions In San Felipe

cutup_Logo (2)For the past 6 years, Baja Battery Solutions has been a local business that has dedicated itself to providing alternative energy solutions to San Felipe and the Baja. For a place as sunny as San Felipe, solar energy production can be a great way to generate power. The two types of solar services you’ll find them providing around San Felipe are off-grid solutions and grid-tie setups. Off-grid allows you to power your home without being connected to a power grid at all, while grid-tie enables you to produce solar energy, and send it to CFE, the power company in Mexico, earning you energy credits, which lowers your power bill, or even brings down to zero.

Many local homeowners, especially retirees, are making the initial investment to start getting into solar now, so they can enjoy long-term effects.  The investment in switching to solar quickly pays for itself in energy consumption savings.  Making the transition can even be done in phases over time, gradually adding more batteries and panels. This also may allow the homeowner to move to a lower tier of energy consumption, which means that energy he still does use from the grid will be billed at a lower rate.

So what could be the applications of solar power in San Felipe for the immediate future? Projects such as a community solar energy field powering homes in a development or businesses in the downtown could be an ideal way to take advantage of sun’s energy.

Baja Battery Solutions is a business that is clearly passionate about helping San Felipe become an energy-efficient area. They are continually working on ideas on how to help reduce power consumption using the latest and best technologies available in the world.
Other great technologies like LED lighting and energy efficient air conditioning units powered by solar are readily available at Baja Battery Solutions. Great customer service and warrantied parts and installation. Plan to pay them a visit soon to see how their alternative energy solutions can help you!

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