Local Government

Contact the Local Government
of San Felipe:

(686) 577-1050

(686) 577-1021

The Mayor has an open door policy. If problems arise that cannot be solved by the Tourist Office or the Police Dept, the Mayor may have the final solution.



Delegacion Municipal de San Felipe. Municipal Bulding: Offices of the Delegado.

Located on Mar Blanco near the Park.

The current Delegado for San Felipe is: Raymundo Jimenez


The City Park, (front facing on Mar Blanco), is a favorite spot for holiday festivities, also for public functions hosted by various civic clubs and groups.

The DIF is similar to the Welfare Dept in the U.S. It’s a safety net for the needy, providing at least the food, staples and other emergency assistance for temporary relief.

Just south of the DIF is the Centro de Salud Clinic, available to anyone, for emergency medical care. It is well staffed and open 24 hours per day.

To the right of the Mayor’s Building is the Fire Dept. and the Municipal Park. This is a picture of the Fire Truck and Ambulance shined and ready to go at any moment. They do an excellent job.

Across the street from the Municipal Building and the Fire Dept is the Post Office, a fairly new building and well maintained.

The Municipal Police Dept handles civil suits and citizens complaints.

You will find this building at the extreme south end of Mar Bermejo. Municipal Police Comander is in charge. Telephone 577-1134 for the local office. On the road dial 066 for all emergencies.

After a crime has occurred report it to the District Attorney in the Justice Department on Av. Mar de Cortez across from the Casino. Phone 577-1110