A shrimp boat anchored in Bahia San Felipe with Punta Estrella in the background.

From mid-July through mid-September, the climate is hot and humid and not unlike that of Miami except that thunderstorms are very infrequent. The sea temperature during this season is around 90°F and the shade temperature on the beach is about the same. Conditions are ideal for a leisurely swim and gentle aquatic exercises. Little, if anything, gets done in town and many of the American retirees flee for cooler climates like San Diego, Oregon and Washington. You can get our daily weather updates of what it is like in San Felipe by checking our weather page.

The major rainfall for the area comes in late August and September when tropical storms and hurricanes in the Pacific send lots of moisture over Baja into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. This rainfall is generally intense and brief, but 1 – 3 inches may fall in a couple of hours. Typically, only one such bout of rain will occur during a season.

October through March brings crystal clear days with temperatures in town reaching the 70s while the sea water and the beaches will be mostly in the 60s. Rainfall can come in early January from storms blowing down from California. Amounts of rain are generally small and last a couple of hours or less.