Civic Groups in San Felipe

This is a list of the most active civic groups in San Felipe, Baja California.

Follow the appropriate links to get in touch with each organization.


Lions Club of San Felipe

How we help the Community?

We partner with The Flying Samaritans, a group of doctors, nurses, and administrators, with medical personnel and pilots, who fly into communities to offer their free services to local residents. The “Sams’” medical teams provide medical care to thousands of local residents who might not otherwise be cared for. An eye doctor has been on the team with each of the Sams’ visits and the Club has distributed thousands of eyeglasses to those in need.

Eye Clinics – In addition to visits by The Flying Samaritans, the Lions Club holds several other clinics during the year. Our Vision Co-Chairs visit local schools to alert the teachers of various clinics.

A Slit Lamp machine, donated to the San Felipe Lions Club, performs exams, prescription information, and diagnoses cataracts and glaucoma is utilized at all of our Vision Clinics. More recently, our Club has purchased a lens reader which reads the prescription on each donated eyeglass. Prior to the clinics, a team of volunteers gather to sterilize, read and mark the prescriptions and bag and sort the donated eyeglasses.

Our Club has distributed over $1 million worth of donated medical equipment and supplies to local hospitals and physicians. A Data Scope Monitor was donated to our Club for surgical procedures and was distributed to local medical facilities.

The San Felipe Lions Club has been distributing food, comfort and gifts to children and adults in need within our community through its Annual Christmas Giving. Members have accompanied locals, going into local neighborhoods and to the homes of the less fortunate to deliver Christmas boxes filled with food and toys. The elderly in San Felipe are perhaps the less fortunate of the needy and their appreciation when receiving boxes of food brings tears to the eyes of our volunteers. It truly has been our pleasure to witness the utter joy and happiness on the faces of the recipients.


Find out more information as well as how you can help or join the San Felipe Lions Club Website Here >>.

VIVA (Volunteers for Indigent and Vulnerable Animals)

A San Felipe Animal Rescue.  It is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to increase animal awareness; rescue indigent animals and provide a structured network of care to adopt the animals ready for forever homes. Donate.  Volunteer. Adopt. Foster a Dog. Join a community of love.  Help us improve the condition of San Felipe animals. See the VIVA Website for full information as well as to make a donation or see the dogs available for adoption.

Club Las Amigas A.C.

Founded in 1986, Club Las Amigas is a non-profit organization composed of American, Mexican, and Canadian women who are dedicated to helping the youth of San Felipe through education. Meetings second and fourth Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Campo Octillo Lodge. Learn more about Las Amigas by clicking their logo to the right or visiting the Las Amigas website.

San Felipe’s Rotary Club

Rotarians are business and professional leaders or retirees who take an active role in the community while greatly enriching their personal and professional lives. Our Rotary club contains a diverse group of Mexican, American, Canadian and other nationalities who are leaders in the San Felipe community.

Membership in the Rotary Club of San Felipe offers a number of benefits, including: improving the quality of life for the residents of San Felipe, building leadership skills, developing relationships with community and business leaders and gaining an understanding of international humanitarian issues.

Through Rotary’s service programs, our club has a significant effect on the quality of life in our community. Rotary offers our club the opportunity to form international partnerships with clubs in the United States and around the world. Working together, we can help the people of San Felipe help themselves.

TASTE OF SAN FELIPE is an annual event, as well as the STEAK IN THE PARK DINNER and many other events to raise money for the children of San Felipe.

For more information and membership info, please visit the San Felipe Rotary Facebook here.

San Felipe Cancer Society (and Cancer Walk)

Every year San Felipe hosts its own 2-km Cancer Walk, raising money for poor local Mexican women who cannot afford the cancer treatment. Money raised has also been put towards developing the cancer clinic, a new van, and buying the necessary technology for cancer screening, detection and treatment. Read more on the San Felipe Cancer Society Website.

logo-vsl_hrVoluntarios Sin Limites (Volunteers Without Limits)


The Voluntarios Sin Limites are dedicated to bettering the quality of life of those less fortunate in San Felipe. Through food bank programs, assistance for handicapped children, and various other community support projects they continue to help those in need in San Felipe.


For more info, check the San Felipe Volunteers Without Limits Website.

unitedSan Felipe United for Education Foundation

Based on the belief that learning English can help open up many new opportunities for the children of San Felipe, this group works to give kids (and adults!) a place to come and learn English for free. They try to encourage other learning opportunities as well, including basic computer skills. Find out more info on the San Felipe United for Education Website.


1463951_10200270011593521_1862445114_nPlaya Clean

Dedicated to cleaning up San Felipe, this organization headed up by Martin Romo, is constantly working to pick up trash from the beaches and streets, plant trees and other flora around town, put in sidewalks, paint and repair the town to help give San Felipe a more beautiful, safe and clean image. Find out how you can participate by contacting Martin at Rosita’s Restaurant at the north end of the Malecon.

San Felipe Rowing Team – Remo Baja

The San Felipe Rowing Team is made up of dedicated youths working hard to stand out in the sport of rowing – and their efforts pay off! Competing nationally as well as internationally they have bring home medals regularly.  You can help these young athletes by making a donations – they are willing to accept donations for the food bank  for the athletes. Donations can be dropped at the Center in Los Gavilanes or at the Boat House just across the street of Rositas Restaurant. Also boxes will be put at El Dorado, and La Langosta Roja. You can find out more about the team on the Remo Baja Facebook Page.

bettertoBetter Together in Christ

Working to provide community support to those in need in San Felipe, as well as spiritual support is the goal of this San Felipe organization. They try to help provide food, clothing and medicine to those who may otherwise not be able to fill these needs, as well as working to help improve living conditions for the elderly and providing prayer support. Check the Better Together in Christ Website for more information.

Saturday Singles Group Activities

A Tony Reyes Charter Boat fishing tour enjoyed by some of our active Saturday Singles. Click Photo for more pictures.

If you are single we hope you will join us. Better still, bring a guest. And we would be interested any time, learning of some trip or project of your own you’d like to share.
Dinner at various pre-arranged restaurants at 5 p.m., first and third Saturday of the month. For more information e-mail:


The San Felipe Association of Retired Persons

The San Felipe Association of Retired Persons is an independent, informal, apolitical, nonprofit organization open to all San Felipe residents and visitors. Most of our members are retired Americans, Canadians and Europeans who come to this region to escape the harsh winters and frantic pace of life back home. As one of San Felipe’s best information resources, we have the answers to a multitude of questions that tourists most often ask. Learn more about The San Felipe Association of Retired Persons in our archive here.

They also sponsor the annual Cancer walk – a wonderful benefit.

PMB 480, P.O. BOX 9019
CALEXICO, CA 92232-9019

Summer Survivor’s Group

SFARP is also in charge of the Summer Survivor’s Group.

Alcoholics Anonymous

October – May

There is a new AA information web site for San Felipe. See details HERE

AA Spanish Group – Lunes-Domingo 8-9pm. Para mayor informacion llame a Judy: (686) 577-2231.
AA and NA English Groups – The English language group of Alcoholics Anonymous in San Felipe has moved to a new location. We are now located on Mar de Caribe Sur at the intersection of Ave. Ensenada. (one block south of the traffic circle on the airport road). A large sign with our directory of meetings may be found at the front of our new building. Meetings Monday – Sunday- several options in several times please call Judy at (686) 577-2231. Check the sign for any summer changes.