July 1 – 7 San Felipe Weekly

Here is July 1 through the 7 report for San Felipe.

July 1 – 7 San Felipe Weekly

Brad Makes a Fermented Mexican Pineapple Tepache

Weekly Weather Forecast

Saturday 1 96º – 81º

Sunday 2 98º – 82º

Monday 3 97º – 86º

Tuesday 4 100º – 88º

Wednesday 5 100º – 88º

Thursday 6 100º – 89º

Friday 7 101º – 86º

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July 1 – 7 San Felipe Weekly

September 22 – 29 San Felipe Weekly
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San Felipe Weekly Report.

July 1 – 7 San Felipe Weekly

A calm and peaceful Mexican pueblo located on the last corner of the Mexicali municipality in the state of Baja California. Come see the world from this perspective… Enjoy the Silence.

July 1 – 7 San Felipe Weekly