Pros and Cons of Living in a Small Town

If you were ever given a choice between being a city dweller or a small town inhabitant what would you choose? It is common that city dwellers imagine life of small town inhabitants as dreary and monotonous; on the other hand small-town people often consider the city life as electrifying with noise and never- ending pollution.

Moving from a city to a small town can be quite difficult however; if you are making such a move consider a few pros and cons before making such a decision.


The increasing crime rate in cities and the increasing cases of rape and assault can panic anyone. City dwellers have to face this ever-increasing crime rate. In a small town you feel safe, you need not check the door locks several times a day. The complex alarm systems do not have much requirement in small towns. Also one is not annoyed much by salesmen and telemarketers as they do not visit or call small town dwellers.

Currently the ever-increasing costs in cities have left people exhausted. Increasing tax and mortgage rates can drive anyone crazy. The small towns are beneficial in this matter as taxes are lower in small towns. Due to economic collapse most of the people are now exploring new towns for settling down in order to manage their costs. Also the prices of most of the clothes and grocery are of reduced amount.

Peaceful atmosphere is a dream for a city dweller. City life is marked with hustle and bustle, traffic jams and bustling markets. Small towns have a pollution free environment and more green patches can be noted. Plenty of peace and calm is available to town dwellers. People are not in a hurry to be anywhere; frowning faces can be less seen. This kind of peace and calm is contagious, it instantly affects you and you can feel burdens lifting away.

You can feel a lot of difference between the natures of city and town dwellers. City inhabitants are unfriendly, rude, are always in a hurry and no form of sense of community can be seen in cities. In small towns people have more time to be engaged in others lives. They are genuinely interested in you and have the time to talk to you. People know each other by first names, which builds up a sense of belonging in a person. You know each others family backgrounds and kids can mingle freely with each other. There isn’t any concept of a stranger in a small town.


Life is much slower in a small town. It sometimes frustrates the younger generation. All they can think about is getting out of this boring and dreary life. There are less forms of entertainment found in a small town. People have the same routines to follow each day which fill teenagers with frustration. Sometimes they try to indulge in an adventure leading to catastrophic results. Fewer opportunities in the form of careers and jobs can also push people towards cities.

Forms of transport are conventional in small towns. Public transport is also not very reliable in small towns. It leads to many difficulties. People have to pay high prices for gas if they have a job in the city. Hospitals and better education is not available in small towns. In cases of emergency, patients have to shift to city hospitals.

Families might be living close to each other that make small towns the hubs of gossip. People do not have much to occupy their time which leads to gossip being circulated more often then you want. Interference can also be a big problem as people consider it their right to give you their opinion about everything you do.

Lack of job opportunities and lack of motivation also lead to high rate of high school dropouts in small towns. Mostly the students who are educated in cities are given much preference due to higher standard of education. Students of small towns are not ambitious and mostly consider following the lines which their grandfathers had set.

Although small towns both have advantages and disadvantages, it depends on the persons outlook. Some might feel it is heaven and prefer to retire to small towns, however some can’t stand it. Like a coin it has two sides; living in a small town can mean either way for a person.

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