Changing The Meaning of a Word – 11th Cancer Walk

Centavo’s Two Cents

The word is CANCER. Cancer defined is a disease, a constellation, and the 4th sign of the Zodiac in Astrology. It is something evil or malignant that spreads destructively. The cancer word is all those things. As a disease it is hidden resentment; stealing time in this world away from loved ones.

At one time cancer was whispered, feared, delineated, by machines capturing images of doom. Hopelessness waited as family and friends took the news of cancer to their hearts.

You simply died of cancer if you had it. It was not compromising.

In 2017 our Town of San Felipe marched for the 11th year to remember the recovery and deaths of those loved ones who beat or lost the odds to live with cancer.

No words can describe the loss, the cancer that ends a life.

It has been many years of consistent research that has provided avenues for inflicted people to heal. It is these marches however, that tell the real stories. They have changed the vile word of cancer through hope and faith. They have made us remember that the word cancer can morph into a spiritual miracle word.

So many of us here have embraced the idea that cancer is defeatable. We have proof…. friends that have survived. They marched with us.

Our cancer walk was completed in February this year. The organization of this event was not an easy task. Yet it was so successfully orchestrated …and well attended. Money was raised of course…lots of it, especially for a village this small.

All those who came together profoundly moved me.

We were not defined by race, religion, or ethnic diversity. We were one.

When the walk was completed lunch was served on the Malecon. A band played. We cried. We danced. We sang. We remembered. We forgot.
We forgave the word Cancer. We know that the fight will continue. We know that people will still suffer and some will be healed.

This is the miracle… that a disease so devastating can bring us together in love.

That day we were a family celebrating the endless task of support that every being deserves. If you participated you felt this and were grateful that you made the walk important for so many lives. You showed your town, your friends, your family, your children that you cared. The word cancer was just the beginning of a word more powerful, and more rewarding…cancer-free.

Thank you to all those behind the scenes that made this event possible!

Centavo’s Wise Words: A word can be redefined