Scorpion Club FUN DAY

The San Felipe Scorpion Club just finished their FUN DAY last Tuesday February 7th.
Each year they plan an outing in the desert with their members and guests.

The scorpion group here in San Felipe is very serious about desert safety and rescue. But this event was a day of fun with their 4 wheel vehicles. Trophies were handed out for various abilities such as driving backwards or the slowest driver. Lunch was available for $6.00. Fully loaded baked potatoes were dished out in record time!

Like many events in our town this was a fundraiser for the Sunshine Hacienda. This is a facility that houses children in lieu of parental care.

The members of this club spend many hours rounding up items for a silent auction and raffle. The raffle had many services and huge gift baskets to be won. The auction gathered gently used items of all types from jewelry to auto and home decor.

Nate and Sue Jansen

It is always a delight to see what people are interested in buying…and bidding wars are pleasant and necessary for financial success.

We are grateful to have such dedicated men and women who appreciate the beauty and possible dangers of a ride into the desert. They are ready at all times to be a rescue service for the community.

The weather was perfect for this type of activity…And the desert was left as everyone found it.

Scorpion Club FUN DAY