Centavo’s Two Cents


I have lived in our little town of San Felipe for 9 years. You will often here me say these words…”We live here!!!!” I say it all the time with a big smile on my face.

Time has flown. The house is built, the quad purchased, and a plethora of shells have invaded my living space. If it were not for this site I would not have had the pioneering vision that it took to find this diminutive piece of heaven.

There are so many adventures here, so much to do.

In writing this column I hope to tell a few stories, make you laugh, and give you some insight on just what it is that brought me here…and why I plan to stay.

So thank you…The Official San Felipe Web Site, for showing me I could live in Mexico. The mountains, the sea and the night sky are always in my vision.

Who could ask for more than that!

This is going to be fun!

Wise Centavo’s words…
“Go ahead… EAT THE TACO”.