Winter Shelter


In a humane gesture for our society, on November 30th, the local organization Volunteers Without Limits AC, headed by its president Kyle Crawford, with the collaboration of peers who want to help the local homeless population, initiated the set up of a winter shelter for people in need. We would like to recognize the humanitarian gesture from Isabel Avila and Samuel Gonzalez, owners of the building that will be used for this cause during the period of intense cold in San Felipe.


Martin Romo from San Felipe United wants to recognize this big push made by a segment of our society in a united and loving way to help our fellow citizens in need, extending his gratitude to Jonathan Cabrales, Brenda Benitez, Kyle Crawford, Paty Orozco, Bill and Guadalupe Sprawling.


All of you whom might have the willingness to donate blankets, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags as well as toilet paper, shampoo and soap, or who might want to directly collaborate are invited and welcomed.




Please contact Volunteers Without Limits AC or Martín Romo for more details.

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This information was provided by San Felipe United.