San Felipe Security Update

With the goal of speeding up the install of an all purpose federal prosecution office in San Felipe and to strengthen the local security strategy, civil and military authorities and representatives of private enterprise meet the morning of Friday September 18 at the San Felipe Marina Resort & Spa Hotel represented by Arnulfo Zárate, were several agreements and commitments were reached.




During the meeting it was clarified that it is vital that the federal prosecution office for San Felipe, currently located in the city of Mexicali, is transferred immediately and permanently to the port, for which it is required a joining effort between the 3 levels of government, the private sector and organizations of various kinds. San Felipe Security Update




For this reason during the meeting a letter request to the governor of Baja California was signed by all participants asking to soon make it possible to bring this important component and finally have a comprehensive and effective security strategy serving San Felipe.




Currently integrating  federal legal cases and lifting testimonies becomes very difficult because all matters move to Mexicali, where effectiveness often is lost for reasons of various kinds.

During the meeting it was recognized that not only the high unemployment rate is the factor that motivates criminal actions. In San Felipe, as in many other parts of the country; organized crime, taking advantage of the many existing prohibitions and legal gaps, has created a culture of lawlessness and antivalues that have a direct bearing on society. Role models offered to today’s youth, have great influence of narco mafias; so many young people, instead of following productive lifestyles within the law, aspire to become part of the organized crime, attracted by the myth of instant riches, access to weapons, vehicles and a long negative etcetera.

The Mexican Navy in San Felipe, has been given the task of establishing dissuasive actions to remind thugs is time to give up to their impunity and controls of the black market in town. It was noted that, although the lack of resources coming from the  federation has been an obstacle for speeding up certain actions, gradually the situation is changing in San Felipe for the good.

The sub-police station in San Felipe under new leadership, is working in three shifts in coordinated action with the Ministry of Defense, the Mexican Navy and the PGJE. This coordination is already paying off and now seeks to work hand in hand with the citizens.

A judicial police representative commented that a new culture of positive values ​​should be promoted among local children and youth as a primary prevention tool for risk behaviors and to overcome involvement in anti social activities. San Felipe Security Update

In the meeting it was announced results are showing in all key security areas, but much remains to be done. Thanks to the Navy’s military actions, poaching is completely going down and this directly lowers local crime statistics. The number of arrests has increased according to the PGR and big changes are on the way due to the implementation of the new system of justice. Reverting the decadent culture of organized crime will be paramount.

As Sanfelipenses we have to realize that the eyes of the world are watching what happens here; we also need to realize that there is great value in preserving the natural resources of this unique place in the world and we must defend and care for it as the treasure it is.

Participants to the meeting are personnel belonging to the following institutions of the three branches of government, the private sector and public bodies: Attorney-General of the State of Baja California, Navy Department, Secretariat of National Defense, Public Ministry of San Felipe, Baja California state police, Federal Electricity Commission, Government of Mexicali – San Felipe Delegation, Aldermen of the City of Mexicali, El Dorado Ranch, and the Economic Development Council of San Felipe.

Held in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Friday 18 September 2015 Photos and text by Luis Almodóvar for

San Felipe Security Update