San Felipe to Chapala

A recent visitor to San Felipe made the journey down through Puertecitos and Gonzaga to Chapala (the transpeninsular highway) and on to La Paz in a Honda Odyssey minivan. All is fine up to km 165 with the paving that has been done so far to the south of Bahia San Luis Gonzaga. There is then a 35 km stretch through Coco’s Corner and on to Chapala that is unpaved and took 3 hours. The part south of Coco’s is very bad and an average speed of 5 km/hr was mandatory. The minivan bottomed out in places. The road is definitely not meant for use by vehicles such as this minivan although they made it without breakdown or flat tires. The vehicle now has clinking sounds from the suspension on pavement that is not perfectly smooth.

Roadwork is in progress in places -few and far between, however. Budget cuts by the Federal Government will likely mean that the completion of this stretch of highway will be further delayed.