Storms approaching !!

This is the time of year in northern Baja that we can get a lot of rain from hurricanes and tropical storms in the Pacific. This weekend we have a large tropical depression that is located just to the west of the tip of the Baja peninsular. It has a 70% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next 24 hours and moving north to inundate all of the peninsular, northwest Mexico and the southwest USA with heavy rain.

San Felípe, Mexico Forecast | Weather Underground

The current forecast for the San Felipe region shown above indicates a 50% probability of rain and thunderstorms starting tonight, increasing to 100% probability on Monday and a 20% probability on Tuesday. Total rainfall is predicted to be around 3 inches! This will be the most rainfall that we have seen in several years. Clean out your storm drains and remove garbage from the road that will block drainage.

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