See the International Space Station go overhead tonight (22 August)

The relatively dark skies of the northern Gulf of California make this an excellent place to see astronomical events. Tonight (Saturday 22nd. August) there will be a spectacular view of the International Space Station traveling almost directly over San Felipe between 7:50 and 7:51 p.m.

Go outside and look up to the northwest starting at 7:49 pm and you will see a brilliant object moving high in the sky (79 degrees) from northwest to the southeast over the coastline of Sonora. The ISS will disappear from view at 7:53pm when it is about as far south as the tip of Baja. Note that the times are precise, if you are a minute late you will miss it. A map of the track, as seen on the ground, is shown below. Don’t forget to wave at the crew as they go by!