Reasons Not to Visit San Felipe

If you’re thinking about paying a visit to this beautiful town by the sea, make sure you count in all the factors before you pack your bags. There are a few risks you need to consider before heading south.

Too many beaches!
If you’re coming down to enjoy a beach vacation, just be prepared for the overwhelming over-abundance of beaches to pick from. Should you camp to the south and enjoy virtually private beaches? Head to the main beach so you can have fun on banana boats and pick up paleta treats from local vendors? Set up on the picturesque beach between Machorro and the lighthouse? Try to find a secret beach over by Cantu Cove? Too many options to choose from! How are you supposed to make a decision??

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This beach? The other beautiful beach? Why are you making me choose??

Delicious tacos will make you fat?
With the combination of ridiculously fresh seafood, handmade soft tortillas and fresh salsas, authentic San Felipe flavor (bring on the lime, cabbage and mayo), and awesome prices, make no mistake. You won’t be able to stop eating the tacos. And you will get fat.

Too many Dos Equis.
Well you had to accompany the tacos with something, right? In all likelihood, you’re going to consume enough Dos Equis to start thinking that you are the most interesting man (or woman) in the world.


Pack the sunblock and hats. Sunshine comes complimentary with San Felo vacations.

Exposure to another culture and expansion of your worldview.
Brush off that Spanish phrase book and get ready to be exposed to a friendly, laid-back, welcoming way of life that can feel totally different from your usual stressful routine. If you don’t want to miss out on deadlines, pressure and uptight people, Baja may not be for you.

You won’t want to leave.
Leaving the beaches, tacos, friendly people, and Dos Equis behind to head back to crowded freeways, jobs and bland food? Do I have to? A visit to San Felipe may leave you with a severe case of wanting to run away from your life and become a beach bum in Baja.

So before you head on down, make sure you know the consequences of a visit to the San Felipe Region!

"I'm not going home" - visitors to San Felipe.

“I’m not going home” – visitors to San Felipe.