Road Conditions February 2015

The Mexicali-San Felipe highway is in very good condition. There are new roadworks some 30 km south of Mexicali for the construction of the new overpass/interchange at “El Faro” which will make the transition to Mexico Route 4 through the Colorado delta much safer. This major construction is causing only minor delays on the north-south traffic at this time.

El Faro construction looking North. Mexico route 4 is off to the right

El Faro construction looking North. Mexico route 4 is off to the right

Visitors traveling via Tijuana and Ensenada will be relieved that the Scenic Toll Road between these two cities is again open for business after almost one year of fixing earthquake and subsidence problems. A long term solution to the road instability is being sought with the construction of a new connector to the old road near Bajamar.

The Ensenada- San Felipe highway is undergoing maintenance to fill potholes and to widen the right-of-way in places. A lot of heavy goods vehicles use this route and they tear up the repairs almost as soon as they are completed. Nevertheless, the highway is fine for tourist use. Just watch for flooding in some of the low spots if there has been heavy rain in the mountains.

The road south from San Felipe to Puertecitos and Bahia San Luis Gonzaga is open and in good condition. The connection to the Transpeninsular highway south of Coco’s Corner is being worked upon with all deliberate speed. Some 20 miles of rock and washboard are all that stand between a smooth passage south from San Felipe to the rest of the peninsular. 


Sadly, the condition of the roads in San Felipe continues to be very poor. Very little gets done to improve the appearance and the structural integrity of the streets. It seems that only when it gets to be close to the Easter holidays does Mexicali send down a few loads of asphalt to fill the worst potholes before the crowds arrive and the eyes of the news media again fall on the town. As a result of the opening of the airport to commercial flights from San Diego, the road into town is now seen by a new set of international travelers who observe the trip past some of San Felipe’s luxury beachfront developments and our fabulous Marina Resort with different eyes. As one person commented, the road condition was scary – a third world experience.


Road from Airport to town. The Baja Diamante condominiums is the building in the center distance

Road from Airport to town. The Baja Diamante condominiums can be seen in the center distance