What A Great Day!

2014 Christmas Food Giveaway - San Felipe Lions Club


At our December 4 meeting, we were contemplating if we were going to do our Christmas food run or not. There was some concern with Cuchi being gone. With only 2 weeks to prepare, Adam Borja said he would do it.

Owner of Food store

Adam spent days driving around SF making maps, getting names, and checking out the overall situation for each family.


He made contact with Fruteria Tania’s Market (old Hipon) located in los Arcos. The owner Luis Pacheco sold us the bags of food at a discounted price, Each bag weighed about 35 to 40 lbs. They bagged all of the groceries and put a sign and bow on each bag.


“Donated by the San Felipe Lions Club” Marry Christmas! (In Spanish)

A Special Thank you to Luis Pacheco, Adam Borja and all of Adam’s Elf’s. Ralph Conner, Charles Almack, Dennis Nyberg, Ray & Bev Mostowy, Dick Cadger & Wayne Shafer.

What A Great Day!

San Felipe Lions Club.