Traditional December Event

We are happy to see you made San Felipe your Thanks Giving destination this year. Reuniting with loved ones and celebrating in full relaxation; San Felipe style.

On its 4th edition “Festival Anual del Tamal” will be taking place on December 6 at Hayward Park, next to Fire Station.

A traditional December event brought to you by the Rotary Club San Felipe. Mark your calendars for the one and only “Festival Anual del Tamal” More details here >>

San Felipe Village Realty has open a new office. Conveniently located on highway 5; right next to La Taza cafe, PM Architects and San Felipe Storage Co.

~ A splendid time under a bright sun was set up to welcome an enthusiastic crowd attending this year’s Great Snowbirds fiesta. See photos of event HERE >>

Check listed events and make sure you don’t miss anything!



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~ We invite you to continue buying locally as much as possible. Many of the local businesses are always improving season after season to give you the best service. Reward the efforts of those who do with your continued support.