Off Road Racing at Its Best

Competing in Tecate-Score Baja-1000, San Felipe’s own Baja Race Team – High speed and exhilaration – as they live the dream of Baja Off Road Racing at its best.

Aiming to deliver great team work and performance through out the whole event: Kay Awaad, Steve Sherrod, Phil Anderson, Carlos Machado, César Quirarte, Mickey Van Dyke and Agustin Madueña are behind the wheel of truck 8161. They crossed the Baja 1000 starting line at 2pm, November 13.

~ Don’t forget on November 21 a special Snowbirds Welcome Celebration will take place on the Malecon (Boardwalk) at noon. Organized by the State Tourism Board office in San Felipe.

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Baja Race Team’s Kay Awaad and Wendy Doman during contingency day in Ensenada

We Are Baja Race Team Proud Sponsors – BAJA 1000 2014. See racing course map here >>

Contingency day – Ensenada BC – Baja 1000 – 2014