San Felo Poetry: Shifting Tides

The Sea of Cortez is such a focal point in San Felipe – its huge tide shifts, ever-changing color and rhythmic surf seems to adopt a variety of attitudes depending on the day. Here’s a piece of poetry by a local writer who expresses some of the joys of living by the Sea in San Felipe!

Shifting Tides


Over the dunes
Around the cove
A tidal pool glimmered
In the morning sun

The tide was out
Waiting to arrive
What jewels awaited
In the quiet pool

A sand dollar here
The tiny crab digging
A golden strand of hemp
From my mermaid’s locks

Like the tides
She would come and go
A slow soothing caress
Or loud and wild abandon

Now I look forward
To my walk by the sea
The shifting tides
What life holds for me