New Businesses and Some Price Listings

A new pharmacy has opened in town right next to the bank in Mar de Cortez street. The new establishment belongs to the Guadalupana Pharmacy chain which specializes in natural health remedies, traditional medicines and personal hygiene.

Now take a look at some examples of prices on first necessity items available in town:

Example items:

Prices are in pesos, current rate 13.20 per dollar in Mainland Mexico and only 12.10 per dollar in San Felipe.

1 (32 OZ) Bag of Pure Cane Sugar:  $37.o5

1 pack of Chamomille Tea: $16.15

1 small pouch of tuna: $17.00

1 Pack of Frito Lay: $22.33

1 Small can of Chiles: $6.00

1 Liter of Soy milk: 24.50

1 Roll of Kirkland paper towels: 30.00

CURRENT GASOLINE PRICES IN TOWN (at 13.10 per dollar):

A Galon of Leaded Gas: $51.80 pesos – $3.95 USD

A Galon of Unleaded Gas: $54.68 pesos – $4.17 USD

A Galon of Diesel: $54.00 pesos – $4.12 USD


With a few exceptions your dollar automatically losses 1 peso or more in most Mexican establishments in this town.

Be wise: Exchange your dollars in Mexicali and fill up your tank in Calexico!!!