Detonating Progress Through A Recreational Port And Nautical Activities

Combined efforts to renew the San Felipe Harbor have a big chance of happening within this year. Plans for bringing a series of sailing events involving regattas of different categories and yacht fleets as a component are on their way.


A meeting for this purpose recently toke place, where authorities of federal, state and municipal levels as well as the proponents of the project from the private sector gathered to discuss all the options.


Armando Ramos Arévalo, with help from other important businessman and investors, is behind the initiative of bringing forward a new era for the port facilities with a vision of creating a state of the art seaport village and set San Felipe to a much higher competitive level by dramatically upgrading the quality of port services in every way possible.


Actions aimed at dredging the port will finalize by December and opening sea trips between San Felipe and Puerto Peñasco as well as regattas are on the verge of materializing this year, with a ferry bridging the 2 ports in the very near future.


The new highway between Mexicali and San Felipe has to detonate progress and the feasibility for nautical projects benefits greatly from it. San Felipe is ready to start promoting diverse beach and nautical activities such as kite surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking and enabling a recreational port to house fleets of yachts and other types of adventure and leisure ships. The institutions represented in the meeting were COTUCO, SEMAR, FONATUR, DELEGACION SAN FELIPE, SAN FELIPE MARINA RESORT & SPA, CAPITANIA DE PUERTO, CONSEJO DE DESARROLLADORES, GOBIERNO DE MEXICALI, GOBIERNO DEL ESTADO DE BC.


Current Fonatur Port Facilities

Sea adventurers can start their expeditions in the San Felipe Port from where they can sail about to every other destination in the Sea of Cortéz – Golfo de California and beyond.


Tours arriving at San Felipe Marina Resort & Spa