Current Mexicali-San Felipe Road Conditions

After the long process of construction on the road to San Felipe, the work is finally complete! The road itself has been finished since April, with no detours and smooth sailing all the way down.

Throughout May, a few finishing touches were put on, with a couple of slight bumps fixed and stripes repainted, but there were no detours, and now the road is complete, and a joy to drive.

Final touches to the paint on the edge lines.

Final touches to the paint on the edge lines of the highway.

Travel time between Mexicali and San Felipe seems faster than ever, now that there are no detours, and the highway is so nice and smooth. It’s the perfect time to test out the road in fact, and head on down for a little rest and relaxation by the beach! Plus, enjoy some of the picturesque Baja scenery along the road on your way down – it’s not mentioned as often as it should be, but the road to San Felipe is beautiful in a unique way. From farmers’ fields outside Mexicali, to the bright reeds and calm storks along the Rio Hardy, to dramatic mountains, to desert filled with hardy plants, to the barren salt flats, to sand dunes, the scenery on the way down is great if you take it in!

We’ll keep you updated on any changes in the road conditions, but for now, everything is complete, and the drive is great! See you in San Felipe soon!

Smooth sailing all the way down - see you here!

Smooth sailing all the way down – see you here!