May 2014 Highway Conditions

The road between Mexicali and San Felipe is in excellent shape. No roadworks are in progress and the highway is now mostly striped with center and edge markings.  Travel time from the outskirts of Mexicali (Costco warehouse) to the Arches in San Felipe is a comfortable two hours.

This is the season of sandstorms and it is important to keep an eye on the road 1-2 miles ahead when crossing the great Laguna Salada (km 60-90). Dust storms can arise quickly, particularly on hot afternoons,  and visibility may drop to a few feet. Be ready to roll up your windows and also to switch your ventilation system to “recirculate” while you pass through the storm.

Remember to fill up with gasoline before embarking on this stretch of your journey as there are no service stations on the road. Primitive (very primitive) rest rooms are available at La Ventana, at km 105. Bring your own paper! It can be distasteful to have to pick through the waste basket to find a piece of tissue suitable for reuse. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you and use it liberally.

The old restaurant/tourist information stop at the junction with the Ensenada road is being renovated after many years of non-operation. It could be open later this year if all goes well. If the electricity situation can be resolved, it is likely that an OXXO or 7/11 will take over the franchise there.

In the city of Mexicali, roadworks continue as the metropolis further enhances its glittering image. At present there are sewer reconstruction works going on just south of the border crossing on Lopez Mateos. Some delays may be encountered but the work should be finished soon.

In San Felipe, many of the potholes on the main roads were patched for Easter but the heavy traffic is already taking its toll on the repairs. The recent high winds have caused sand from the dunes along the coastal highway south of town to spread everywhere. If you hit one of the sandy areas at any speed, you will drift all over the road.

Gasoline prices for regular unleaded fuel in Baja are around $4/gallon US equivalent.