San Felipe’s Community Creativity Center Is Opening

San Felipe’s Community Creativity Center will be opening at 1025 Mar de Cortez on December 20th. A grand opening celebration will be held December 20th from 1-5 pm, so make sure to go by and see this latest addition to San Felipe!

Donna Roberts, director of the project shares her feelings on the new Center, and information on the classes that will be held there:

We will open for classes in January 2014. I am excited by the outstanding instructors who have graciously agreed to work with the Center and making it the place for art, music, and self-improvement in San Felipe. The quality of our artists is the best in San Felipe. I want to personally thank each of you. It is your talents that will make us a success.


Luis Cogley – Oil and Acrylic painting. Tuesdays 2-5 pm. Price: $10.00 per hour. Must provide own materials.
Irene Cogley – Piano Lessons. Monday & Thursday 4-5 pm. Price: $500 pesos per month.
Spanish Dance. Tuesday & Friday 4-5:30 pm. Price: $60 pesos per class.
Jose Rascon – Mosaics. January 12th. 10-6. Price: $30.00 plus cost of materials.
Connie Coats – Glass etching. January 13th. 2-4 pm. Price: $10.00 plus cost of materials.
Diane Ebner – Gourd Design. January 20th. 10-4 pm. Price: $25.00 plus materials.
Cathy Rhodes – Ceramics. January 23rd. 10-5 pm. Price: $35.00 plus cost of materials.
Desert Mothers – Custom Tiles. January 26th. 10-2 pm. Price: $20.00 plus cost materials.
Nancy Murphy – Leather design. January 31st. 12–4 pm. Price: 20.00 plus cost of materials.

February Classes:

We will continue to bring you outstanding opportunities in learning new skills and furthering existing skills. Look for iron working (metal tables), yard art, leather design, water colors, jewelry, English and Spanish classes, knitting, rug making, and many other exciting classes.

Art is an ongoing learning process; very few of us are born with natural talents. Please join us and enrich your life.